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So, first you must be registered on the site "VKontakte". If this has not happened yet, ask for an invitation. This option is on the site in the "Invite" tab. Or register yourself using email and personal data. The result will be your personal account.
Now you can configure the privacy settings for your account, specifying which items will be available for viewing by friends and unfamiliar users. If you add videos or create a photo album, you can also specify who can watch them. When you create a group or page, you can make it open or closed. You can customize the process of approval of participants through a request to the administrator. If you want all your information to be available to users of the social network, check All Users or Open in all settings.
If you want to write an appeal to a user who accepts messages only from friends, you need to add him as a friend. This also applies to the situation when you need to look at hidden records or photos of the person you are interested in.
Provided that you need to familiarize yourself with the information laid out in a closed group, join it or send an application for membership. After your application is approved, you can become a full member of the group, take part in discussions, share experiences and share your information.
In a situation when a user has banned comments on a photo or video, it is possible to bypass this setting by adding a resource to your page and making it available for comments. You can ask the owner of the resource to change the settings for a while so that you can leave your opinion.
The administration of "VKontakte" does not provide any special scripts to ignore the privacy settings, because it will violate the privacy policy and may strike at the prestige of the site. If you find a similar creak or command in the forums, you use it at your own peril and risk.As mentioned above, the site and its software part is constantly changing, so that the tools that acted literally last month may become outdated in this and not produce any results.
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Tip 2: How to add a photo VKontakte

Got a lot of pictures? Would you like to show your friends how to spend your holidays or other interesting photos? Add a photo to the social network VKontakte is very easy!
Social network VKontakte
You will need
  • Personal page on the social network VKontakte, any photos
First, go to your VKontakte page and find the button "add photos". Decide what photos you are going to upload to the social network.
Next, specify the path to the photo. To do this, find your file and click on the "open" button. After clicking on the "open" button, the file will be downloaded to the server. Typically, downloading this type of file does not take long, just a few seconds.
After uploading to the server, the photo will appear on your wall on the VK page, and in the "My Photos" section. Almost everything! Photo uploaded successfully to server.
However, if you put a photo on your "avatar", then you need to perform a few more easy steps. You just need to click on the photo. A new window will open in which the user can edit the photo and add a description to it. It is necessary to click on the "Place on my page". Next, you need to select an area for the thumbnail and the original photo that will be displayed on your page. Thumbnail will be used in personal messages, in various comments and in the news.
Done! Photo successfully added to VK page. In the future, the user can easily change the photo in the same way or simply add new ones. Also, the user can delete a photo.
If the user wants to delete a photo from the wall or even from the server, you need to do the following.
1) To simply remove the photo from the wall, you must hover over the photo and click on the "cross" in the upper right corner. The photo will remain in the "My Photos"
2) To delete a file from the server, after deleting the photo from the wall, find the photo in the "My Photos" section and click on it. A new window will open. In the lower left corner, the user can find a menu with which he can edit, share, place on the page or delete a photo. Click on the "delete" button and you're done! The photo is completely deleted from VK servers. If a user accidentally deleted a photo, he can easily restore it by clicking on the “restore” button in the window that pops up after deletion. It should be noted that if this window is closed, the photo can no longer be recovered.
Done! The photo was successfully deleted, and the last photo was automatically placed on the "avatar".

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Images: Tip 2: How to add a photo VKontakte Tip 2: How to add a photo VKontakte
Images: Tip 2: How to add a photo VKontakte Tip 2: How to add a photo VKontakte