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Tip 2: How to fill out the register of shareholders in 2019

Joint stock companies with fewer than 50 people keep a registershareholderson their own. With more than 50 participantsshareholdersregistry maintenance is transferred to the organization with a license.
Registryshareholderscontains information about the joint stock company, the size of the share capital, the number and nominal value of shares, information about all persons who are nominal holders of shares or their owners. It also contains information on shares bought out by the company (number, value and categories); dividend payment data; details of documents confirming transactions with shares.
A joint-stock company is obliged to open a personal account in the register for each shareholder or nominal holder of shares, to carry out any operations with shares only on their behalf, to provide access to the registershareholders, make changes and additions, issue statements and perform other actions related to maintaining the registry.
You can keep a register on paper or electronically.The paper version is the original and must be signed by the chairman of the board of directors and the chief accountant, stamped.
All changes are recorded in the register within 3 days upon the request of the shareholder or nominee shareholder. Any marks are made on the basis of supporting documents. These can be contracts of pledge or sale of shares, transfer orders, judicial acts.
Extracts from the register are issued at the request of a shareholder after a written request is submitted. Extract is issued only for those shares owned by the shareholder.
Helpful advice
All persons who are registered in the register of shareholders are obliged to inform the public about changes in their data.

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Tip 2: How to fill out the register of shareholders in 2019

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