2 Min. Tip: Heat up Compost without Turning It (Quick & Easy!)

Tip 2: How to make a compost pit

Compost is the cheapest and most beneficial fertilizer for a home plot. Composting is an accelerated process of decomposition of organic waste, which creates the necessary temperature and humidity for the active reproduction of bacteria. They recycle waste, turning it into a valuable fertilizer for flowers, vegetables, berries, etc. However, the compost pit at the dacha is needed not only for the “preparation” of fertilizers: various insect pests settle in this garden building, which, when spreading compost on the plot, die together with their larvae.
How to make a compost pit
You will need
  • - shovel,
  • - rake,
  • - cover,
  • - organic waste for compost preparation,
  • - soapy water
  • -leaves,
  • - rusty metal objects.
The site for the compost pit should be selected on a flat and unwetted area. It is required that water does not stagnate in the pit: high humidity prevents oxygen from entering.Of course, it is better to “dump” waste in the farthest corner of the garden, but you should keep in mind that quick convenient access to the compost pit is necessary. It is advisable to lay a smooth path to the pit to make the compost both in buckets and on a wheelbarrow.
To build compost you need to digpitmeter to meter and a depth of no more than 20-25 cm. It is recommended to coverpitcover that prevents drying, the spread of unpleasant odors and the removal of garbage by birds and beasts. For ease of use in the lid can be done hatch.
At the bottom of the compost pit should lay a thick layer of fallen leaves, to which you can immediately mix the "food" trash. All this is necessary to pour a layer of earth, which is to cover another layer of foliage. Then again it is necessary to fill the ground, it is possible with the addition of rusty iron objects (iron is useful for plants).
Organic waste from the kitchen and the beds (cleaning, bones, weeds, rotten fruits, etc.), as well as ashes, sand, peat, bark, branches, algae and sludge are suitable for further composting. To increase the content in the compost of phosphorus compounds that plants love, it is necessary from time to time to pour intopitsoapy water.Compost “ripens” faster if it is periodically mixed: when loosening, oxygen begins to flow more actively, and the decomposition of waste is accelerated.
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Inorganic garbage (plastic bags, glass, etc.) should not be thrown into the compost pit, since it is practically indestructible.
Helpful advice
The ideal compost pit consists of two compartments, each of which has a volume of about a cubic meter. One part will contain compost for use now, in the second a new one will be gradually formed.

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How to Make Compost the Easy Way
Tip 2: How to make a compost pit

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