Quick Tip #2 - How to add music to your Apple Watch

Tip 2: How to open your music store

You will need
  • - a package of documents for registration as an IP or LLC;
  • - room under the store;
  • - trade equipment (cash register, showcases).
Determine the future range, it will depend on it the criteria for choosing a room forthe store. As a rule, a music store has several types of acoustic and digital instruments, accessories for them, as well as sound and light equipment. You can limit yourself to selling, for example, only guitars and related accessories, thus saving room space for a store on the floor space. However, keep in mind that the wider the range, the more categories of buyers you will be able to attract.
Find the room in which you will open the store. Usually to openthe storemusical instruments and sound equipment require a spacious room, as instruments such as, for example, piano take up a lot of space.In addition, the buyer should be able to come up and try how the instrument sounds. Room for musicthe storeit is not necessary to be in a shopping center, you can rent a separate pavilion, but in a crowded place with convenient parking.
Having defined the range and having picked up the room, issue all necessary documents. If you open a store for the first time, you should trust the execution of a package of documents to a legal or accounting firm. Formal procedures can take a long time, be prepared for this.
By registering as an IP or LLC, buy the necessary trade equipment (cash register, shop windows, counters) and search for suppliers of products. Comparing the working conditions, select those with whom you plan to cooperate. An important item in the contract may be the ability to work under the order; it especially matters if the area of ​​the futurethe storerelatively small.
In the business of selling musical instruments, an important role is played by the presence of qualified vendors, therefore, it is a special responsibility to approach the selection of sales personnel.Firstly, the seller in a music store must have the skills to play any instrument and understand the trademarks, and secondly, to have sociability and goodwill. Hiring a staff, do not forget about the cleaning lady, the security guard (if you plan to open a large store), an accountant.
If you plan to sell large instruments (piano, pianos), an additional advantage would be the availability of goods delivery services in the city.
Helpful advice
To advertise a music store and attract new customers, use such methods as organizing autograph sessions, concerts, providing individual tools or equipment for rent. In addition, the advantage will be the presence of its own online store.

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Tip 2: How to open your music store

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Tip 2: How to open your music store

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