2005 Nissan Xterra Front Hub Bearing Removal Quick Tip

Tip 2: How to replace the bearing in the washing machine in 2019

You will need
  • - Screwdrivers: ordinary and curly;
  • - pliers;
  • - Keys at 17 and 19;
  • - end heads at 7, 8, 10, 13;
  • - hexagon on 6;
  • - a hammer;
  • - car key holder wrench or similar.
Unplug the washing machine from the network and water supply. Prepare a workplace. It should have good lighting. Remove the top cover by unscrewing the two bolts and pulling it towards you. Remove the back cover. Put her aside. Remove the drive belt. Unroll the machine and remove the rubber cover from the front wall, open the clamp and remove it with a screwdriver.
Turn the washing machine to its rear side. Carefully disconnect all wires from the electric motor and heating element, remove the ground terminal. Remove the connector from the engine, releasing the locking latch. Disconnect the nozzles from the drum casing, loosening the clamps with a screwdriver and a head by 7.Pull the top one up with a little effort, unscrewing the screw that secures the level sensor to the casing. Remove the thermal sensor by pushing it through the nozzle opening. Disconnect the shock absorbers, using as keys two keys on 17 and 19. Do not forget to drown the tongue on the sleeve.
Remove the drum from the springs. Since it is rather heavy, use outside help. Take the crown at 13 and disconnect the front counterweight. Using a screwdriver, carefully lift it up. Unscrew the engine mount and remove it by moving it forward.
Take the hex on 6 and unscrew the pulley. Remove the rear counterweight. Using a screwdriver to use as a lever, carefully remove the counterweight from the guides. Remove the PETN. Remove the gland with a screwdriver. Remove the snap ring with pliers. Take a hammer and knock a bearing through the driver's car key or similar wrench, tapping evenly and lightly around its perimeter.bearing. Assemble the machine in reverse order. New bearing before installing grease with special heat-resistant lubricant.

Video: Nissan Titan Carrier Bearing Replacement ( Tips and Tricks)

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Tip 2: How to replace the bearing in the washing machine in 2019

Tip 2: How to replace the bearing in the washing machine in 2019

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