How to Fix Every Zipper Issue

Tip 2: How to replace the zipper on the bag

If neither squeezing the slider, nor rubbing the lightning with a candle did not help, and it continues to diverge, this means that replacing the lightning is still necessary. A bag that is sewn together is not so easy to open a zipper, this process can be delayed. In order not to torture yourself, you can apply the following method: leave the old zipper untouched, as an element of decor. A new, serviceable zipper is sewn slightly lower, so that the old one does not prevent it from closing, i.e. almost close. The seam will be hidden behind the edge of the skin. This method can be applied only once, and besides, it reduces the internal space of the bag, but this option of replacing the zipper is very interesting and can help out on occasion.
Replace the zipper at home on a household typewriter is only possible in textile bags, if they are not too dense on the texture of the fabric. Sum lightning is durable by itself, and not every machine can sew several layers of thick fabric.And if the bag is leather, it will not be possible to flash it without special equipment. When trying, you can break not only the needle, but also the machine itself. This is due to the characteristics of sewing material and the thickness of the seams. In that case, if the machine can sew thick fabrics, you can try to sew a new zipper on the bag, providing a sewing machine with a special needle for the skin.
The threads in order to replace the zipper from the old to the new, will also need durable. A shoe nylon is best suited, but not every machine can handle it. Also reinforced threads or nylon, lavsan are suitable. In a leather bag, the zipper is additionally glued to the skin, so you will also need glue. Vyporov old zipper and carefully removing all threads, insert a new zipper in its place. The skin and the zipper at the points of contact are preliminarily lubricated with a thin layer of glue for leather and rubber. You can use a special adhesive double-sided tape, which is used to bend the bottom of leather clothing. Carefully combining the bag and the zipper, for some time they should be left in such a position that the glue will freeze a little. The most convenient way is to use a press for a snug fit.
If after 2-3 hours the parts have not shifted and are each in the right position, you can proceed to the most crucial part of the operation - the execution of the finishing line. Sew slowly, stitch by stitch, while trying to fall into the old holes. This helps the bag not to lose appearance and affects the strength of the skin. In order to make the sewing machine foot move lighter on the skin, the seam area is smeared with shampoo or soap, then rubbed dry.

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Tip 2: How to replace the zipper on the bag

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Tip 2: How to replace the zipper on the bag

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