TOP PC TIP Restore Any Closed Tabs In Google Chrome Browser

Tip 2: How to restore the browser

Restore the browser as, for example, a deleted document from the recycle bin, will not work. You must install the program again. All browsers are installed automatically, all you need to do is follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard: select the installation directory and click the Next button until the installation is complete.
The “Master” is launched via the setup.exe or install.exe file. The question naturally arises: where to find such a file? The easiest way is on the Internet. Each software vendor has its own official website from which you can download the application you need.
This method is suitable if you have an alternative Internet browser installed on your computer, for example, Internet Explorer, which is automatically installed during the installation of the operating system. Type in the search query the name of the browser you need (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and open the corresponding page.
On the main page, click on the “Download” button (“Install”, Download). This button is usually highlighted in color and is hard not to notice. Specify the path to save the file and wait until the download is complete. Open the folder with the saved file and left-click on the installation file.
If there is no alternative browser, you can install the browser from the disk. There are collections for installing frequently used programs, and one of these discs is always best to keep on hand. Let you use it once or twice a year, but you will not be left without the necessary programs in case of emergency. Insert the disc into a CD or DVD drive, open it for viewing, find and run the browser installation file.
You can also ask your friends to write to any removable storage media browser installation file, the benefit, it takes up very little space. Insert the media into the port, find the browser installation file and launch it in the usual way - by clicking on its icon with the left mouse button. Wait until the end of the operation.

Video: How to Restore Lost Browser Favorites & Bookmarks

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Tip 2: How to restore the browser

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