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Included with the monitor must be at least 3 cords: power, video (DVI or VGA), audio (mini jack 3.5mm). The connectors of these cords are so different that they simply can not be confused (if you could still shove the VGA cable into the audio jack, then you broke the motherboard). So, take the wire with a mini jack plug. It is usually green at the end and matches the color of the audio input on the motherboard or audio card. If you are cheated and not supplied with a cord - buy it. Mini-daddy-dad 3.5 mm - is minimal, serves perfectly. Connect the two sockets: on the monitor and the system unit, and perform the next step.
All connected, but there is no sound. Do not be sad, maybe you just did not turn it on, namely - did not press the on button. Look carefully, it should be on the monitor panel, and above it is the audio speaker icon. Click on it, a picture of the crossed out or not crossed out speaker will appear on the screen. Be smart that this may mean (probably crossed out - there is no sound, not crossed out - there is sound), act according to logic.
Connected, turned on, but there is no sound.Wait for the rage, curb your ardor and go to the operating system sound settings menu. In Windows, this can be done through the Start menu - Control Panel - Sound - Playback tab - Properties - in the new window the Levels tab. You can go through the tray icon with the same speaker icon. Perhaps somewhere there is a treacherous tick on the item off. Remove it if it is. Adjust the volume level in the program (and, if available, the corresponding buttons on the monitor).
If there is no sound again - see point one, you may have confused the input on the system unit. Turn on the sound file, for example, MP3, and change the inputs until you hear jacks.

Tip 2: How to turn on the sound without speakers

If you have a broken phone speaker and you urgently need to make a call, use the replacement of the speaker with other devices. The choice in this case is limited by the configuration of your mobile phone.
How to turn on the sound without speakers
You will need
  • - headset.
If your phone has two speakers - one for conversations and one for playingsounds- find in the call menu to turn on the speakerphone.This is only relevant if only one of thespeakers. Usually, the speakerphone menu is located in the context menu of the call mode, but here everything depends on the settings.
Use the headset that comes with most mobile devices. Connect it to the appropriate connector on your mobile phone and select the appropriate connection mode. In case you have a wireless Bluetooth headset, turn on the connection on both devices and through the phone find the desired model name.
Connect by holding the connect button on your headset, in the options for connecting devices on your phone, select Audio Devices. To make calls, you will need to be constantly within Bluetooth range.
Set up your car's audio system as a Bluetooth headset. This is true if your receiver has a wireless function. Pairing also occurs in the audio connection mode.
With this type of pairing, you can also not only make calls using the car's speaker, but also use the player of your mobile device. Also, the phone can be connected via the audio cable if it has a connector for connection.
There are quite a few options for using a phone with a broken speaker, especially for those who have the functions of a wireless connection to devices, but do not forget about their impact on your health and do not use them often. Also, when using a Bluetooth headset, be prepared for the fact that the phone's battery will run out much faster than usual.
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Helpful advice
Do not attempt to repair the phone speaker yourself.

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Tip 2: How to turn on the sound without speakers

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