Odometer Rollback

Disable mechanical odometer. As an example, let it be a VAZ 2101. The shutdown process is very simple. Unscrew the speedometer cable. You can also do with many other car models, for example, VAZ (2102-2115); Audi 80, 90, 100, 200; BMW 3 Series (E-21); BMW 5 Series (E-12), etc.
There may be a side effect - the noise of the speedometer cable under the instrument panel. To avoid this, you must completely remove the speedometer cable. The second option: unscrew the second end of the cable from the box and tie it to the body.
Disable electric odometer. For example, BMW 3 Series (E-30). To turn it off, the easiest way is to pull out the instrument panel plug on the left side. It will also stop showing the fuel level, speedometer and daily odometer.
The second way to turn off on this model of machine. Remove the fuse from the fuse box, which is located under the hood on the left side (driver side) near the windshield. Similarly, the odometer is disabled on vehicles such as the BMW 5 Series (E-28, E-34), BMW 6 Series (E-24), BMW 7 Series (E-23, E-32), Audi (100 body 44, 45), Volkswagen Passat Jetta, Volkswagen Caravelle.
On more modern models is not so simple. If you take, for example, Toyota Land Cruiser, an error may occur when disconnecting. When checking the car on the diagnostic computer, the program will show that the odometer was turned off (it will show how many were turned off, what was the value, which means that the mileage will be considered invalid). To fix the error, you need the help of a very good specialist. Error when turning off the odometer appears on cars Toyota Land Cruiser 80, 90, 100, 200; Toyota Avensis; Toyota Mark 2; Mitsubishi Lancer (VIII, IX, X); Mitsubishi Pajero (III, IV, V), etc.

Tip 2: How to wind the odometer in 2019

An odometer is a device that takes into account the wheel speed; it is used to measure the distance traveled by the vehicle. They are electronic and mechanical. The process of changing the readings on the odometer of your car is a legal procedure. But when selling a car, you must indicate that you made this procedure, otherwise you may be subject to criminal and civil liability.
How to wind the odometer
For almost every car owner, for various reasons, such a service as adjusting the mileage may be needed. Everybody has his own reasons. If your car has wheels of non-standard (larger) diameter, the number of revolutions changes,and the device already shows not true mileage. When replacing the engine, you also need to adjust the readings. In this case, they are reset.
To change the odometer reading yourself, remove the front panel, remove the tidy and unplug the wires. Disassemble the dashboard, remove the odometer and disassemble it. Remove the arrow before disassembling the instrument. To do this, carefully withdraw it to the limiter. When she falls down, gently pull her up, she should detach.
Remember, in what position you remove the arrow, in this position you will have to insert it back. After removing the arrow, carefully unscrew the scale. Under the scale are the wheels on the axes with numbers. Slightly move the two axles out of their seats. In the photo they are marked with red circles. Blade gently cut the nodules of plastic so that you can remove the axis. Put the indicators you need and collect the odometer in the reverse order.
There is another way to change the odometer reading. Disconnect the odometer cable from the gearbox. Connect it to the electric drill and rotate them in the opposite direction. After you reduce the "mileage" to the desired value of the cable set in place.
In modern cars used electronic odometers.To change the electronic odometer readings, correct the information stored in the electronic memory of the device.

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Images: Tip 2: How to wind the odometer in 2019 Tip 2: How to wind the odometer in 2019
Images: Tip 2: How to wind the odometer in 2019 Tip 2: How to wind the odometer in 2019
Images: Tip 2: How to wind the odometer in 2019 Tip 2: How to wind the odometer in 2019