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Tip 2: What should be considered when insulating a flat roof

Principles of choice of insulation for roofs

The most important property of insulation is the ability to retain heat well without condensation, hence the following requirement for insulation - increased moisture resistance. Depending on the type of heating in the house, more or less moisture accumulates in the attic, which causes damage to the unclosed insulation layer. That is why it is not rare in the spring in the attic of old private houses there is a persistent smell of mold.
It is necessary to pay attention to the service life of the material, which should be at least twenty-five years, however, the durability of the material is less important than, for example, its resistance to external influences.So, if the thermal insulation starts to crumble due to temperature or dampness, the number of years of service laid down is unlikely to be relevant.
It is necessary to provide for the density of the material, that is, it should be light enough so that there is no extra load on the roof. It is advisable to choose non-combustible materials to protect themselves from fire. Insulation must withstand extreme temperature drops in the region of your residence.

Types of insulation

Today there are many different heaters, which can be divided into several types:
- expanded polystyrene,
- mineral wool,
- glass wool,
- basalt insulation.
Mineral wool has established itself as one of the best refractory insulation, but in a humid environment, it eventually begins to lose its properties, as it easily absorbs moisture.
Mineral wool is used mainly for insulation of wooden structures, as it allows the tree to breathe and removes household steam beyond the structure.
Styrofoam, also known as foam plastic, has become very popular due to its low price and good thermal insulation, sound insulation and moisture resistance. But the foam undergoes combustion, and this is considered to be its minus.
Glass wool is a very economical insulation and easy to install, but due to its low density glass wool absorbs water very strongly and quickly deforms.Modern high-quality insulation - polystyrene foam - is applied by spraying, and therefore can be used where it is not possible to fix the plates or cotton wool.
Basalt slabs are also an excellent choice among heaters. They have good thermal insulation properties, fire resistance and resistance to deformation. Plates are famous for their environmental friendliness. But the disadvantage of this material is a very strong susceptibility to loss of its insulating properties under the influence of external factors and excessive thickness, which does not allow to apply them during installation in hard to reach places.

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Tip 2: What should be considered when insulating a flat roof

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