Appendicitis - NON surgical approach to treatment

Tip 2: What to do with appendicitis, treatment

Appendicitis is a very insidious disease, it develops in just a few hours and can lead to serious complications.
What to do with appendicitis, treatment


What do appendicitis

The only method of treating the disease is the excision of the appendix of the sigmoid colon. This operation is called appendectomy. The operation involves removing the affected organ under local anesthesia. It is carried out through a small incision in the iliac region on the right.

In very many clinical institutions, surgical intervention is carried out using endoscopic techniques. Several punctures are made on the skin and through them an appendix is ​​already removed with the help of a laparoscope. A laparoscope is a metal tube that is used for operations on the abdominal organs and the small pelvis. This method helps to recover faster after surgery, and only small, slightly noticeable scars remain on the stomach, which can then be removed. This method is used for non-exploded appendix.

After removal, the patient is discharged after a few days. After 2 weeks, remove the seams. For 2 months should limit physical activity.

How to eat after suffering appendicitis

On the first day after the removal of the appendix, it is allowed to drink only water without gases and tea. On the second day, taking into account the patient's condition, you can enter a variety of cereals, fruit drinks, broths, lean fish, pureed vegetables and soups, butter and cottage cheese.

It is forbidden to eat: salted, spicy, sour, fatty, smoked. Eating should be fractional, in small portions.

Complications of the disease appendicitis

The most common complications of acute appendicitis are:

  1. Intestinal obstruction. Its clinical manifestations are nausea, flatulence, flatulence and repeated vomiting that does not bring relief.
  2. Peritonitis - the most dangerous complication occurs when an appendix ruptures. At the same time, the chances of recovery are dramatically reduced.
  3. Formation of small abscesses in the liver and inflammation of the portal vein.

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Tip 2: What to do with appendicitis, treatment

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