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Tip 3: How to make a veggie hot dog

������New objects, previously invisible in optical telescopes, were able to be detected by the WISE space satellite operating in the infrared range. These galaxies are hidden under dense clouds of dust, which is heated from the inside by radiation from accretion disks of supermassive black holes and stars. Such heated dust was noticed in the infrared range of the telescope.
The elongated shape of the galaxies and the "burning" view immediately attached to them the name "hot dogs of the universe." According to scientists, such objects are extremely rare. One galaxy accounts for about 100 thousand visible sources of radiation. Moreover, the majority of such space objects are from the Earth at a distance exceeding 10 billion light years.
Today, researchers find it difficult to explain the emergence of hot dogs of the universe. For now they assume that hot galaxies are a transitional link from spiral space objects to elliptical ones.
In the near future, the new discovery will become the object of close study by astronomers. To observe them and get more information, the NuStar telescope operating in the X-ray range has already been launched. Thanks to him, scientists will be able to better discern the accretion disks of black holes inside these galaxies. Also, to study the new objects will be later launched telescope "James Webb."
The WISE space telescope began work in December 2009 and successfully carried out its mission until the beginning of 2011, after which the satellite transmitter was turned off.


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Tip 3: How to make a veggie hot dog

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