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Different blood components are restored at different speeds. It recovers its volume the fastest - it takes no more than two days. A little longer is the accumulation of leukocytes and platelets, and the level of red blood cells returns to normal after a few weeks.
To speed up this process, drink plenty of fluids - mineral water with a high content of calcium, fruit drinks, juices, freshly brewed tea, compote their dried fruits. Avoid coffee and strong alcohol. A little red wine will be good, but you should not abuse it.
Increase the amount of protein in the diet. Eat beef, chicken, fish, eggs, liver, lentils and beans. Eat more cereals - especially buckwheat, rich in iron. Include in the daily menu of apples, pomegranates, beets, greens, dried fruits. Eat often, in small portions.
Exclude from the diet of fatty foods, smoked meats, semi-finished products, pickles with vinegar. Try to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, and it is better not to smoke at all.Nicotine and tar destroy the necessary micronutrients and inhibit the process of blood recovery.
Talk to your doctor - perhaps you should take drugs that increase the level of iron or calcium. For prevention, try a simple but effective means - calcium gluconate tablets, which should be taken with lemon juice. Hematogen will also help, eat a couple of bars a day instead of the traditional dessert. Choose hematogen without additives, it is much more useful.
Try harmless homemade recipes that increase immunity and stimulate blood formation. Soak dried apricots, prunes, raisins, dried apples and peaches in a small amount of boiled water. After a few hours, pass the mixture through a blender, add ground hazelnuts and pine nuts, a teaspoon of honey. Take a tablespoon of the mixture three times a day, washing it down with warm water and lemon.
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Tip 2: Why can not restore immunity

Immunity is the body's ability to fight off pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Thanks to her, the body itself cope with diseases.But it happens that the protective functions of the body are not able to fight viruses, which indicates a weakening of the immune system.
Why can not restore immunity

Causes of reduced immunity

Strange as it may seem, but antibiotics used in treatment reduce immunity by 50–75%. The introduction of various drugs into the body inhibits the natural ability to fight.
Entering the body, viruses and bacteria that show aggressiveness, reduce immune activity. They can get into it through the respiratory tract or through the blood, as well as leaking through cracks in the epidermis.
But besides viruses, other factors can also reduce the human immune activity. The most common among them are stress and lack of sleep. A tired body is much more difficult to resist harmful bacteria than a rested and gaining strength.
In addition, a deficiency in the vitamins A, B and C also leads to a decrease in immune activity.

Why there are difficulties in restoring immunity

Despite the fact that medicine is sufficiently developed, restoring immunity is not so easy. The difficulties encountered in restoring the protective function of the body are varied.
Various diseases, as well as surgery, cause great damage to the protective function of the body. To restore it, it is necessary to replenish vitamin reserves, because when their balance is normal - the body is able to quickly respond to the aggression of viruses and bacteria. Vitamins are absorbed by the body is quite difficult and long, so the restoration of immunity takes more time than with the usual cold.
Also, difficulties in restoring immunity occur in chronic diseases. In this case, the immunity must be not only restored, but also constantly maintained. The body produces antibodies without stopping, while receiving a portion of drugs for the effectiveness of the fight against the disease. This leads to a weakening of the immune system. In this case, special preparations help normalize the immune activity.
The human body is a complex system. It is all interconnected. Therefore, the immune activity may weaken even with normal fatigue. It is necessary to determine this in time to avoid possible overwork, otherwise the body will need much more time and effort to recover.

How to maintain immunity

In order not to face the difficulties of restoring immunity, you need to take care of your body in advance. It should be remembered that after a long working day the body needs rest. It is also necessary to eat right, not forgetting to include in your diet foods high in vitamins and trace elements.
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Tip 3: How to recover your ID in 2019

You can lose your identity document in various ways - due to theft, damage, or simply verifying it. This creates various problems for a person: without a passport, you cannot buy a plane ticket, receive any certificate from a government agency, pay for large purchases with a credit card. How to quickly recover lost ID?
How to recover an identity card
You will need
  • - 4 photos of the passport sample;
  • - a certificate from the police about the theft of the document (in case of theft of a passport);
  • - money sufficient to pay the state duty for reissuing a passport.
If your passport has been stolen, you will receive a document confirming the theft of your identity card from the police on duty.
A passport can become invalid not only due to loss or theft, but also if it contains unforeseen marks. Only stamps on registration, marriage, divorce, information about children, military service, blood type and TIN are allowed. For example, if on the border with a foreign state you are stamped in a regular passport, you will need to replace it, following the procedure described below.
Pay a fee for a new passport. In 2011, it is 500 rubles. A receipt for payment can be downloaded on the FMS website or at the Sberbank branch. You can pay the amount through any bank.
Find a department of the FMS for your place of residence This can be done through the website of the Federal Migration Service of your region - there is a list of addresses and telephone numbers of offices, as well as the hours of work of specialists.
Come to the office of the migration service personally with the necessary documents - a certificate from the police, photographs and a receipt of payment of the fee. Receive from the employee and fill out a statement about the reason for the absence of a passport (loss, theft, damage, and so on), and also sign the statement that you are asking for a new passport.
After registering your documents, get a temporary photo ID.

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Tip 3: How to recover your ID in 2019

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Tip 3: How to recover your ID in 2019

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