Tips & Tricks For Meatball Perfection

Tip 2: The secrets of cooking delicious meat

Anyone who takes up cooking meat wants it juicy and soft. In order for the meat dish to turn out well, it is worth keeping some secrets of cooking delicious meat.
The secrets of cooking delicious meat
If meat is moistened with vodka 40-60 minutes before cooking, it will be juicy and soft when ready.
Juiciness gives soy sauce, for this leave the necessary piece of meat, smeared with sauce, overnight.
Get lamb soft and bright taste can be an unexpected way. Wrap banana-skinned meat, pre-salt and pepper meat. Then wrap the rind with cooking thread, and cook in the oven for 30-40 minutes. If desired, you can fill a piece of garlic pieces.
There is another method of cooking meat is soft and gentle. Heat the pan, lay out the beef and fry for 3-5 minutes on a strong heat. Pour in a small amount of water, turn down the heat and cover with a frying pan.Peel the ginger root, divide it into pieces and add to the meat, let it cook together. Ginger helps to soften meat. For half an hour stewing with ginger, the beef will be soft.
To achieve the softness of the meat, use lemon. Put a few lemon peels in a hot frying pan with the meat. Cut the meat across the fibers. At the end of the preparation of lemon crust, mash and mix with meat juice. Add chopped greens. Pour meat over this mixture.
To quickly soften the meat, you can use kiwi. Enzymes of this fruit strongly destroy the proteins of meat. Leaving the meat with kiwi pulp for more than 30-40 minutes, you can get a porridge mass.
And finally, on the use of salt. Before frying, meat should not be salted so that it does not lose the juice. You can salt while cooking or at the end.
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Tip 3: The secrets of delicious meatballs

Cutlets are not only meat, but also vegetable, fish, liver. They are cooked in different ways: fried, baked in the oven, steamed. But from whatever the patties are prepared and in whatever way, there are secrets that will help to make them juicy, soft and unusually tasty.
Secrets of delicious meatballs
The secret of the unique taste of meatballs is a skillfully made combination of different varieties and types of meat. Do not be limited to minced meat of one type.
Our kitchens abound with modern appliances, but a single meat grinder is enough to make meatballs. The minced meat prepared with its help should not be frozen, otherwise it will lose its tenderness.
The use of bread is a classic in making cutlets. Bread is better to take dried, it will emit more gluten when soaking. It is best to soak it in milk, in the absence of milk - in boiled water. This is done to preserve the juiciness of the cutlets, and also so that they do not spread out on the pan.
An essential ingredient of cutlets should be onions. It is he who will make the taste of burgers juicy, will give them juiciness and softness. Onions can either finely chop or scroll in a meat grinder. If desired, greens or garlic, passed through a press, can be added to the stuffing.
Someone prefers to add vegetables to cutlets, such as potatoes and carrots (raw or boiled), and someone - cheese. These cutlets are also delicious, but agree that this is already a somewhat different dish.
Another important secret of lightness and softness of cutlets: a small piece of butter is added to the middle of the mince. Try to cook the cutlets in this way at least once, and you will cook them only in this way.
Of course, they bind minced meat, but they also make the burgers stiffer at the same time. There is a solution: before cooking the minced meat, the whites are separated from the yolks, only whipped whites are used.
To make the cutlets airy, many beat off the stuffing, throwing it on the table. If you mix the stuffing for fifteen to twenty minutes, then the need for this operation will disappear, the effect will be the same.
Prepare burgers in a thoroughly heated pan in sunflower oil. Lovers of roasted meatballs should not close the pan with a lid, but lovers of juicy meatballs should do it.
Serve burgers need hot. It is important to fry them well. Inside, the fried patties are grayish in color, but by no means red or pinkish. Cutlets are best cooked at a time. It is better to leave the mince in the fridge and cook a fresh meal for dinner than to warm up the leftovers.

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Tip 3: The secrets of delicious meatballs

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Tip 3: The secrets of delicious meatballs

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