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Tip 4: How to choose the right Internet speed

In order to take into account all the nuances when choosing a tariff for the Internet, you need to know a few facts about the principles of the network that will help you use the services more efficiently.

Megabits and megabytes are different things.1 Mb / s is about 8 times more than 1 Mb / s. It turns out that having an Internet speed of 8 Mbps, we get a real speed of about 1 MB / sec. The 5 MB music track will download (or fully load) in 5 seconds. Thus, knowing your network needs, you can calculate the time for which this or that task will be completed at the current tariff.

The final speed of the Internet is determined not only by your provider.Its indicators are influenced by the most important factors, for example, network equipment, speed of the remote server, level of the wireless signal, speed of the end device, and so on. If your provider proudly declares about 50 megabytes per second, then watching a movie online, you can simply not get that speed, because that computer with the movie is somewhere far away.The server is loaded by distribution of this movie to several thousand, and even tens of thousands of the same users.

This is comparable to the wide pipe through which a small stream flows: the source (server) is no longer able to give, and all the excess space is empty. A similar situation arises if you are with a tablet through 2 walls and a layer of furniture from a router - the Wi-Fi channel speed will drop, and no matter how fast the Internet will come to your house, it will reach the device at other lower speeds.

An important indicator of the quality of communication is ping.In essence, ping is the speed of access to data on the Internet, i.e. how fast is the request. If at high speed ping is large, then there’s almost no sense in it: requests will be slow. Especially negatively large ping affects the usual web surfing, where each mouse click is a request, as well as on online games, where the synchronization of what is happening in real time depends on ping.

One of the most frequent and demanding user tasks - video online. If the music is not so important, because the size of the compositions is small, then with the video you should always pay attention to the quality in which you watch it. The higher the quality, the slower the buffering (loading) of the film or video.For example, the quality of 480p requires almost half the speed compared to 1080, although many reputable sites automatically set the quality of the video, so the problem was not so significant.

Torrents - the most accurate speed check.Here, the computers of users act as a server, and the speed of information transfer to your computer is summed across all servers. As a result, the overall rate of return can be very large, capable of loading any Internet channel.

Considering all these factors, the following recommendations can be made.

  • about 5 Mb / s will be more than enough to surf the web and simultaneously listen to music, and the Internet channel can share several devices with such tasks
  • 10 Mbps can provide uninterrupted playback of FullHD video on 2 devices, and on the third one can quite comfortably browse the pages.
  • 20 Mbps is already a serious speed, which will allow you to watch FullHD movie with simultaneous torrent download, and you can safely hang up the phone with the tablet and watch Youtube comfortably on the channel. For chatting and surfing the web speed is superfluous.
  • 40 mbpsSuch speeds old routers simply do not support. No need to say that 40 Mb / s is enough for everything. It can only be advised to users with special tasks, such as an FTP server or working with files on cloud systems. You should not take this speed if you are just listening to music, chatting on the Internet and sometimes watching a movie. This will be an overpayment.
  • 60 Mbps and above. Yes, nowadays some providers offer such numbers, and they are really rarely needed. It happens that the provider promises at night even 100 Mb / s and higher, but to support this speed, you need expensive powerful routers and “gigabit” cables. Virtually all mobile devices will not be able to open up at this speed, and the computer needs either an expensive motherboard with a 1000mb network card, or a gigabit network card.

Considering the average requirements of Internet users, in modern conditions the speed of the Internet at 15-20 Mbit / s is enough for almost all tasks. Most often, large numbers mislead users, as if promising that "everything will be fast." But providers are well aware that only a quarter of the same 60 Mbps will be used, so in fact they supply you 15-20 Mbps for the price of 60.Most often, the difference is felt only when working with torrent clients, but for most users it is hardly worth overpaying.

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Tip 4: How to choose the right Internet speed

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Tip 4: How to choose the right Internet speed

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