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Tone according to publicly available rules. The law allows not exceeding the established norms: at least 70% of the light transmission for the windshield and at least 75% for the front side windows. The remaining glass can be darkened at its own discretion.
There is permission to tint car windows. But it is issued only for special purpose vehicles - those that are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, provide transport services to government bodies (transport state employees), and are used to carry out operational search activities and to carry out collection.
Contact the traffic police if, for example, your car belongs to a legal entity that does not use the services of collectors and takes the money to the bank independently, but in practice the issuance of permits for personal vehicles is rarely used. If the traffic police find it necessary to additional tinting the windows of your car, they will issue a permit.
Permission does not in any way cancel the light transmission standards established by the Gosstandart of Russia - tinting should not violate the prescribed standards, it is also prohibited to install mirror glasses.
Factory tinted glass involves the installation of light transmission at the level of 80-85%. In this case, according to the rules of tinting, even the application of light spraying or thin film will lead to an unacceptable level of light transmission, and the operation of the car is illegal.
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Tip 2: How to choose a tint in 2019

One of the most popular ways to modify a car is to tint its glass. As a rule, the film is applied in order to hide the interior of the car from prying eyes and to improve the appearance of the car.
How to choose a tint
Choose films with medium light transmission. Too dark films can interfere in the dark, as well as cause problems when passing inspection, too light will not give the desired effect initially.
The material of the film is also of great importance. Professional tint films have a special protective layer,protecting it from damage while raising and lowering the glass, as a rule, consumer goods do not have such a layer.
Prepare a workplace - a table covered with clean oilcloth. Wipe the glass with a clean, dry cloth, then moisten the entire surface with a soap solution. Cut a piece of glass out of the film according to the shape of the glass, separate the transparent layer from it, at the same time spraying its sticky side with a soap solution, then apply the film on the inside of the glass.
Wet the entire top surface of the film with a solution of soap and smooth it with a special spatula. Cut the edges of the film and flatten it again with a spatula until the air bubbles disappear completely.
After applying the film, completely dry the glass, it may take from 3 to 4 hours. To speed up this process, glass can be put under an ordinary lamp or placed near a radiator. Put the glass in place, be careful during this procedure, tint film is easy to damage.
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Drawing a film on the glass submerged in water completely excludes ingress of dust and dirt.

Tip 3: How to tear off tint in 2019

Toning allows not only to give the car a more aggressive look, but also protects the car from unwanted eyes. After all, car thefts are often carried out after the robber examines things inside the cabin. However, information on how to remove a tint film from glass may be necessary.
How to tear off tint
You will need
  • Industrial hairdryer, razor blade, special scraper or ordinary plastic ruler, detergent, newspapers and rags, water.
Begin the procedure for removing the tint film from the top of the glass. Remember that it would be better if you omit it. Using a hair dryer, heat the film, but not all at once, but only a small area. At the same time, pay special attention to the edges, because the success of the operation often depends on the quality of their heating.
After you have carefully warmed the film, carefully begin to separate it from the glass. Be very careful, because when using sharp objects you risk scratching the glass. Then slowly pull it down to the edge of the stretch you were warming up. Then again take a hair dryer in your hands and repeat the steps with a new section of the film.Thus, you will carry out the removal of the entire film. If you have difficulty disconnecting it from the bottom of the glass, you have to completely remove it.
Carefully inspect the cleaned surface. On it you will see sticky areas of glue that must be removed. To do this, take the detergent in your hands and apply it on the dirt. After that, with a little effort, rub it with a rag or old newspapers. If the glue does not go away well, first heat the area and then repeat the scrub process.
Try to put ordinary water on glue stains and rub these areas with glass cleaning scraper. Also pay attention to special liquids that are designed to remove this kind of dirt from the surface of the car. After completing the work, wipe the glass dry with a dry cloth.
How to tear off tint

Tip 4: How to scrub tint

Before passing the inspection, many drivers think about removing tinting from the glass of their cars. In the service station you can take 400-500 rubles for this simple procedure. Why pay money if you can wipe out the tint on your own and spend practically nothing?
How to scrub tint
You will need
  • - razor blade or very sharp knife;
  • - water;
  • - a rag;
  • - car wash cleaner.
Toning is the thinnest film glued onto the auto glass. To remove it, take a razor blade or a very sharp knife, pick up the film by the edge and, making sharp movements, remove the tint. Keep the shaver parallel to the glass, trying to press it tightly enough. Be careful - it is very easy to cut yourself. You can work in tight leather gloves, if you so comfortable. In the process, sprinkle with water cleaned areas.
If the dubbing film was glue-based, then on the glasses there will be traces of this sticky substance and, most likely, the film itself. They need to scrub. Take a sharp knife, wet the glass with water (it is better to use a sprayer for flowers), and proceed to scrubbing glue residue and toning pieces. Keep the knife tilted. The angle should be approximately 45 degrees. Hold the knife from the top down, periodically wetting the glass. Be careful not to scratch the glass. Watch for the sound that makes the knife. If it starts to gnash heavily, then you scratch the glass. It is better to polish the micro scratch immediately.
No matter how thoroughly you scrub, the glue will remain in the microcracks anyway. Therefore, you should wash the glass. Take a soft cloth, moisten it in a washing solution and carefully wipe the cleaned glass. Get full transparency. Dry the glass with a dry cloth. If necessary, apply anti-fogging and freezing agent. When finished, you can safely go for a technical inspection - your glasses are clean and transparent, and you have saved money and time.
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If your toning without glue base, you do not have to scrub the traces of glue. In the worst case, you will see the remains of the toning itself, which is easily washed off with lukewarm water. After removing the glueless tint, you should wash the car windows well.

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Tip 4: How to scrub tint

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