Gmail Tutorial: 12 Powerful Email Tips

If you are a Google email user, then a user’s blocking scheme will occur using a filter. Go to your emailmailby entering a username and password. Go to settings. In the settings you should select "Filters". Find the option “Create a new filter”. Specify an email address from which you do not want to receive more messages in the “From” field and click “Next”. On the newly opened page, select the action that you want to perform with the letters of a particular sender. If you need to block a user, then click Delete and check the box next to the option Also apply a filter to the following chains. After that, select "Create a filter". This way, you can block a user in gmail.
Add to the list of blocked senders addresses from which you receive unwanted messages in Windows e-mail. In Windows mail, unwanted advertising information is automatically filtered.However, if you do not want to receive the usual messages from a particular person, put this user in the list of blocked senders.
Block unwanted emails in “Yahoo” email. If you are a user of this service, it will be as easy to block any user as in the previous paragraphs. In the upper right corner of the Yahoo mail page, select the “Options” item. In the list on the left side, select "Spam". Enter the email address from which you do not want to receive messages in the "Blocked Addresses" section. This section is in the middle of the page. Click "Add" and the user's email will appear in the list of blocked addresses.
Use the Unsubscrieber application in Yahoo and Gmail mail. With it, you can delete unnecessary addresses. In the management list of the mailing list, click "Unsubscribe". In the window that appears, enter the email addresses from which you do not want to receive messages. Next, click "OK". From these addresses you will no longer receive unwantedmail.

Tip 2: How to block mail

There are various reasons for blocking a mailbox: long non-use of e-mail, desire to change the login, and hacking of the mailbox with spammers.After blocking the mailbox, you will no longer be able to use your mailing lists, subscriptions and mail services.
How to block mail
If you are satisfied with the loss of all useful links, be prepared for some difficulties. After all, not every postal service makes it easier to block mail. For example, if you want to block yourmailin the service, you will not find the corresponding tab in the server settings. To delete the box, go to and specify the reason for blocking. After that, enter your password in the bottom field, and your email inbox will be blocked. Within 3 months the login of your mail will be assigned to you and only then it will be released.
It is not so easy to block a mailbox in the service On this server, there is no possibility of self-deleting e-mail at all. To block it and then delete it, send a letter to the Rambler technical support service, using the recipient's login name and the domain name In the message, specify the login and password of your e-mail, as well as the fact that you want to block it. After that, administrators will get full access to your mailbox and perform the necessary procedure.
In case you want to blockmailon the Yandex server, the removal process is much easier.Log in after Yandex-passport section. In the upper right corner of the page, click on the "Settings" link, and then on the "Deletemail". As soon as you enter your password in the field that appears and click on "Delete", your email address will be canceled.
For, mailbox blocking is also not a problem. Find the “Accounts” section and click on the “Account Settings” feature. On the right side, find the “Change” function for the “My Services” item. In the window that opens, click the "Delete Gmail Service" link and delete your email.
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Tip 3: How to block messages

The junk e-mail filter, which is included in the filtering conditions of Microsoft Outlook 2010, allows you to stop junk e-mail messages. It allows you to check e-mail senders by lists of e-mail addresses and Internet domains marked safe or blocked.
How to block messages
You will need
  • -Microsoft Outlook 2010
Select a message from the user to be blocked to add the selected user to the list of blocked senders.
Select the “Undesirable” item in the “Delete” section of the “Home” tab and select the “Block sender” command.
Return to the “Unwanted” item in the “Delete” section of the “Home” tab and select the “Junk E-mail Options” item.
Click the Add button on the Blocked Senders tab and enter the address or domain name in the Enter email address or Internet domain name field to add to the list.
Click the OK button to confirm the execution of the selected command and repeat the above procedure for each entry added.
To add a name or address from another list, select the desired name on the Safe Senders tab and click the Edit button.
Go back to the Unwanted item in the Delete section of the Home tab and select Junk Mail Options to block messages with certain country and region codes.
Click the OK button to execute the selected command and confirm the application of the changes made by pressing the OK button again.
Return to the Unwanted item in the Delete section of the Home tab and select Junk Mail Options to block messages with unfamiliar alphabets.
Expand the link “List of blocked first-level domains” on the “International Contacts” tab and apply checkboxes in the fields of the encodings you want to block.
Click the OK button to execute the selected command and confirm the application of the changes made by pressing the OK button again.
The Outlook junk e-mail filter does not prevent the delivery of spam, but redirects them to the junk mail folder instead of the inbox.
Helpful advice
Unicode encodings cannot be included in the list of blockable encodings.
  • Add names to spam filter lists in 2019

Tip 4: What to do if Gmail is blocked

If at work, an evil system administrator has disabled access to Gmail, you shouldn’t despair, because there are ways to log in to your inbox.
What to do if Gmail is blocked
Use another address.
Google-mail has a lot of mirror addresses, by going to which you can safely continue using your mailbox. For example, you can try to drive into the address field instead of the "http" version of a more secure Internet connection "https" or go to the mobile version.
Set up a special email program.
If none of the addresses could not help, then you should try to configure your email client, for example, Outlook Express or TheBat.
Install Google Desktop.
With the help of this program, which usually performs the functions of a search engine, sometimes it turns out to bypass the restriction in access to Gmail-mail.
Install Gmail Lite.
This extension was created to allow the user to read the letter in HTML-form, but with the help of it you can also log into your account.
Use a proxy.
The proxy server will help you get anonymous access to your Gmail email and continue to use it without any restrictions.

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Tip 4: What to do if Gmail is blocked

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