How to wean your baby onto solid food from 4 to 6 months

Tip 5: How to wean the baby to eat at night

Tip 2: How to wean a friend to smoke

A smoker puts himself in danger. Over time, health deteriorates significantly, leading to various pathologies. If your best friend smokes, you should make every effort to help him overcome his nicotine addiction.
How to wean a friend to smoke

Weaning a friend to smoke is not as easy as it may seem initially. If you both smoke, agree that on a certain day forever tie with a bad habit and joint efforts will overcome all the difficulties that inevitably arise if the smoker�s experience is impressive enough.

Prepare yourself psychologically. Quitting smoking is much easier if there is a certain motivation. Currently, many employers refuse to hire even highly professional nicotine-dependent professionals. And from the staff who spend every pause in the smoking room, try to get rid of in the first place.

If you and your friend work in a prestigious company, get a decent salary and your employer is strongly opposed to smoking in the office, career growth and salary increase may be the motivation to fight nicotine addiction.

Often, only one of two friends smokes. In this case, weaning a friend to smoke can be with the help of a confidential conversation, during which you will bring powerful arguments for the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Try to explain to a friend that in the process of smoking, he inflicts tremendous harm on all vital organs. As a result of exposure to carcinogenic substances on the body, cell mutation can occur. As a result, children born to a smoker may have physical or mental disabilities.

Encourage a friend to enroll in the sports section. It will be much more difficult for a smoking friend to achieve high sports results. Arrange a competition. Surely, your friend, addicted to nicotine, it will be unpleasant to constantly lose in the competition. And he will reflect on the fact that nicotine is really detrimental to health, reduces physical strength.

Very often, despite all attempts to quit smoking, dependence is stronger than will. And if you can not wean a friend from smoking, ask him to see a doctor. Modern medical methods help to overcome the craving for smoking much faster. At the time of rehabilitation, support your friend in every way, try to protect from stress and negative emotions. And then your friend, for sure, will be able to forget forever that he once smoked actively and could not imagine his life without a cigarette. And, perhaps, in a few years, he will express his gratitude to you for providing timely support.

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Tip 5: How to wean the baby to eat at night

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Tip 5: How to wean the baby to eat at night

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