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Tip 5: What to do if you like a man

Tip 2: What to do if a person fainted

Every one of us can faint. Loss of consciousness can develop amid any illness, a surge of emotion, or from tension. Knowing how to help a person when he is unconscious can significantly improve the chances of his final recovery, and sometimes save lives.
What to do if a person fainted

Fainting is called loss of consciousness. A person can lose consciousness at any age due to any disease.

If you saw a man lying on the sidewalk on the street, approach him. Remember that deep sleep can be masked as a result of intoxication. Smell the air exhaled by a man: if it is filled with vapors of alcohol, it means that you are not dealing with a swoon, but with a deep sleep.

But if you met a man on the street really fainted, first of all check with him for the presence of breath and pulse. If he is not breathing or not having a pulse, immediately call an ambulance, call for help from people and begin to carry out a complex of resuscitation measures.

If there are signs of life (breathing and pulse), try to revive a person. If there is liquid ammonia on hand, bring the fleece with ammonia to the nose to let the smell inhale. Spray cold water over your face. It should be simple pure water, without gas and salinity. If you are near a pharmacy, you can call a pharmacist for help - if you are not a doctor, he will surely be more qualified and be able to assist the victim more competently.

If the person cannot be rectified for a long time, call an ambulance. Before the arrival of the brigade of doctors, be near the victim.

If a person has convulsions on the background of loss of consciousness, in no case should convulsive contractions be interfered with. This can cause injury. Make sure that the victim does not bite his tongue, and also that he accidentally did not injure himself. In this case, the ambulance call is required. The dispatcher, who will take your call, be sure to report all the symptoms that you observe.

There are a great many reasons for the loss of consciousness - due to illness, overvoltage, excess emotion, etc.

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Tip 5: What to do if you like a man

Tip 5: What to do if you like a man

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