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Tip 6: Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better to choose for the construction?

Tip 5: Circular saws: types, operating rules

Circular saw is an indispensable tool for construction work, in which wood or materials based on it are involved. But, besides the efficiency and power of this device, an important characteristic is the safety of the circular saw, which is ensured by all manufacturers of such equipment and its improvement.
Circular saws: types, operating rules

Types and operational parameters

Like almost all construction equipment, circular saws are divided into professional and domestic. These two types differ in term and quality of operation, as well as, as a result, in their value.
For example, a professional tool is designed for long-term and intensive work, and the frequency of household use is often limited, as the disc saw can be used less frequently.
The second thing you need to pay attention to is the length of the board's intended cut. The standard parameters of this criterion are 50-60 millimeters, which ensures greater maneuverability of the saw. But there are exceptions. For example, a tool with a disc of 30-40 millimeters is used for working with thin material and, on the contrary, large saws in a tree of 90-100 millimeters or more are developed for thick boards.
If you need a tool that combines various sizes of disks, then you can purchase a device with the possibility of fixed installation. It has a plus - less weight than devices with the same 100 millimeters.
The size of a manual electric saw disk is also dictated by its power - weak, medium-power or high-power. Professionals, in the case of domestic work, recommend giving preference to the second category, in which overheating and sometimes quite expensive equipment failure are unlikely.

Rules for the safe operation of electric circular saws

When buying this power tool, you should pay attention to the safety criteria. Absolutely all bona fide manufacturers of such equipment “swaddle” the cutting disk with a protective casing, which can protect from falling under the cutting device of fingers,parts of gloves or other materials, maintaining the health of its owner.
The casing always covers the upper part of the disk, facing the face of the person working with the circular saw, and the lower part is “bare” only during direct cutting.
The first quality of protection will also be able to protect the face, body and other parts of a person's face from chipping.
Another security measure is to protect the device from accidental activation. Only after pressing the start button along with disabling this option, the saw will start to work.

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Tip 6: Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better to choose for construction

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Tip 6: Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better to choose for construction

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