7 Men's Style Trends That NEVER Go Out Of Fashion! (STOP Wasting $$$ On FADS)

Trends: never go out of fashion

Feminine image

It all started in 1947, when the Parisian designer Christian Dior presented a new, unusually feminine design, with an accentuated waist and a flowing skirt. Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly turned a wide audience to this style in the 1950s, turning it into the prerogative of women with good taste.

How is it worn now? Try to separate the top and bottom, instead of using a traditional dress with a fitted top and a wide skirt. The combination of blouses and skirts looks more modern, sleeker and more comfortable for an evening dress. Also interesting is the combination of a shirt with a smell and a trimmed spiral skirt.

Fabric with the image of the color of wild animals

During the colonization of Asia and Africa in the 18th century, the Europeans brought home the skins of zebras, tigers, and leopards. Eminent masters soon reproduced these exotic patterns on fabrics for clothing and decor.Two centuries later, the idols of millions of Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe used the seductive magnetism of these prints.

This season, you can meet animal prints in an even more picturesque and enlarged form. Use clothes with a natural stone-colored print to move away from the trends of the past. If, for example, to choose a complex ocelot pattern for a coat, then its silhouette should be simple, sophisticated and elegant.

Male style

Speaking about this trend, one cannot but remember the world famous designer Coco Chanel, who made women's pants so popular in the 1920s. She also became famous for making the details of casual wear independent, stylish and comfortable representatives of the genre, such as jersey and cardigans.

Choose tight-fitting clothing that fits exactly and play on the contrast of clear cut with feminine accents, which can be played by bold decorations and bright studs. For evening wear, a tuxedo jacket and colorful trousers will create an incredibly stylish ensemble.


French designers Andre Kurezh and Pierre Cardin opened one-piece dresses to the world of the fashion of the 60s (the famous model Twiggy loved them very much). Halston then streamlined the silhouette in the 70s.The last to go was Miuccia Prada in the 1990s, using simple shapes and a rare ornament, which was met with a bang by the audience, tired of the bulky shoulder pads (and hairstyles) of the 80s.

All additional drawings and accessories are also removed, only strict asymmetrical lines and a sharp neckline remain. And when there are black and white colors - no need to overdo it with accessories.

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Trends: never go out of fashion

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