Trtl Pillow Review

TRTL travel pillow review

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I used to be one of those people who scoffed at travel pillows. Frankly, they look ridiculous, especially when people wear them around the airport, walking around with a miniature life preserver around their necks. The thing is, they're so bulky that you can't really fit them in your carry-on bag without wasting a ton of space.

Over the past few years, I've done a 180 as I've taken more red-eyes and found the routine that works best for me. In addition to eating dinner in the airport, rather than on the plane, I've started using a travel pillow — the trick is that I position it so it supports my head when I nod forward or to the side. I've also given up on sleeping on most shorter red-eyes, but even if I'm awake the whole time, and least I'll be comfortable!

Instead of using a traditional U-shaped pillow, I've been sticking with the Trtl Pillow, a light and soft fleece wrap that holds a plastic neck support on one side. It looks more like a scarf, but a hidden pocket contains the stiff plastic ribs that provide the support, while the wrap cushions them.

The Trtl is Insider Picks' favorite travel pillow, and an informal survey of my friends shows that we're not alone — I was actually surprised by how many people had heard of the brand, let alone own the pillow. After all, travel pillows aren't quite as flashy as some other product categories.

Building on the original pillow's success, Trtl is back with a brand-new iteration: The Trtl Pillow Plus.

The new Trtl Plus has a similar design to the original — ribs inside a fabric wrap provide support on one side of your neck, allowing you to lean toward your preferred position.

However, it features a number of enhancements over the first version.

The biggest difference is that the ribs on the Trtl Plus are height adjustable. There are two levers on either end of the supports to raise or lower the supports. They work independently of each other so you can raise one end and drop the other, making it easy to customize the fit based on your preference.

The support also has significantly more padding, making it even more comfortable to lean your cheek on as you doze. The wrap's fabric is also more breathable than the fleece from the first pillow, which could get a tad sweaty. Like the original, the Trtl Pillow Plus folds up into a small, easy-to-pack (or carry) package.

I had a chance to test a prototype of the pillow on a recent red-eye flight to Ireland, and found it to be excellent. While I was already a fan of the old model, I definitely preferred the Plus and found it more comfortable.

The Trtl Pillow Plus is currently available for pre-order through Kickstarter. You can get the pillow in pink or blue for , a discount of 35% over its eventual retail price of . That may seem expensive for a travel pillow, but it really is the best on the market, and for those who often end up on red-eyes, it can be invaluable.

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TRTL travel pillow review
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