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The series "Fool me"

Plot description

The protagonist of the TV series "Lie to Me," Dr. Cal Lightman does not believe absolutely anyone - he knows too well when people lie, and they lie very often. Lightman has enough of any careless word, gesture or movement to recognize a liar in a person. He easily analyzes facial expressions, speech, voice intonation, position of eyebrows, perceiving the signals of the body as a qualitative lie detector. Thanks to this, Lightman can understand what feelings a person possesses, which is very important in his work for the FBI, the police and government bodies.
According to statistics, an average person makes a lie about three times in ten minutes of dialogue.
Since the task of Dr. Lightman and his assistants is to detect fraud, they can justify or accuse the person suspected of the crime. However, for Cal himself, his unique talent is not so much a gift as a curse - after all, he can catch even his loved one with lies, which clearly does not contribute to good personal relationships.After all, not everyone wants to live with a professional who knows absolutely everything about his partner.

Character story

Dr. Cal Lightman has a real prototype in the person of a psychology professor at the University of California, Paul Ekman, who advised actor Tim Roth throughout the series. Ekman studied the theory of fraud for more than thirty years and today he is considered the world's leading expert in this field.
The services of Paul Ekman are resorted to by executives, entrepreneurs, well-known politicians, as well as security services and research institutes.
Professor Ekman has written fourteen books in his life, the most famous of which is The Psychology of Lies. It describes ways to detect lies through voice changes, micro-expressions of the body, rapid breathing, blush, sweating, and many other signs that a person feels discomfort during conversation, talking about his anxiety. Some stories from the psychiatric practice of Paul Ekman were used by the creators of “Deceive Me” in the series - for example, the story of the suicide of the mother of the main character, which occurred in reality and gave rise to Ekman's research.Today, the professor runs his small company, Paul Ekman Group, which develops devices that teach how to identify microexpressions and human emotions.

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