HIBISCUS: 12 Ways You Can Use This Plant And Flower For Natural Healing!

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sprinkler for flowers

Use for flowers

Figures for drip irrigation help me to care for my flowers. The essence is simple - water is poured inside each figure, the sprinkler is stuck into the ground, the water gradually seeps through the walls of the sprinkler and protects the flowers from drying out. It is very convenient, and especially during vacations, when there is no one to water the flowers. I have sprinklers in the form of a frog, a dwarf, a flower, turtles, and a crown - I bought them all at the chain of stores Fix Price.
The water in the sprinklers lasts quite a long time - in a month I only pour water 2-3 times. The soil at the flowers is always wet and they grow well. I advise all flower growers!
Low price.
Protect flowers from drying out.

Video: How to Make Flowers Food Safe

Use for flowers

Uses of Flowers
Use for flowers

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