5 Tips To Improve Your Tofu

Useful properties of tofu cheese

Tofu cheese types and uses

There are several types of tofu cheese: hard, mozzarella-like cheese, and soft (silk), which is similar to pudding. Hard cheese is used for frying and smoking, silk tofu is added to soups, sauces and sweet dishes.
Tofu cheese is an indispensable ingredient in many dishes. Tofu, like a sponge, absorbs the taste and aroma of other components. It adds extra volume to the dish, and also fills it with useful microelements and amino acids. This quality is especially important during fasting.
Tofu is boiled, fried, baked, added to the filling, steamed. Marinated in sauce, make sweet desserts. Tofu is sold in vacuum-packed water, in which it can be stored for several weeks.Tofu can be frozen, but after defrosting it becomes porous and hard.
This cheese can be sold by weight. When buying such a product smell it - it should not smell sour. Tofu cheese is stored in the refrigerator for no more than a week.It must be placed in a bowl of water. Water changes daily, you can not eat it.

Tofu cheese

Tofu is common in vegetarian cuisine because it is an excellent source of easily digestible protein. Of the nutrients in tofu cheese, there is also a large amount of calcium and iron.
Calorie soy cheese is small and is 76 kcal per 100 grams, so you can eat tofu cheese during a diet for weight loss. It contains almost no fat and carbohydrates, it is remarkably absorbed by the stomach and normalizes the work of the digestive organs and kidneys.
This product has a remarkable property - it is able to replace meat, eggs, milk in the diet without harm to the body. There is no cholesterol in tofu cheese, so it helps to improve the condition of the body in cardiovascular diseases.Tofu, consumed in large quantities, can have a laxative effect, cause thyroid disease, slowing brain activity.
This product is a source of calcium and vitamin B. It is very useful for strengthening the teeth. Tofu cheese contains substances isoflavones, which are the strongest antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals.These substances are also able to increase bone density. Due to the high concentration of iron and selenium, tofu gives the body energy. This product is recommended to athletes with heavy loads.

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Tofu Coleslaw Sandwich
Useful properties of tofu cheese

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