Why Is Fluoride Good for Teeth?

Useful properties of toothpaste without fluoride

Toothpaste without fluoride should have all the qualities of an ideal means for cleaning teeth and gums: remove all types of plaque, prevent the growth of stone, clean the enamel, heal the gums. There can be no universal remedy. After all, each pasta is responsible for something different. There are herbal - soothing gums, there are just whitening, relieving from nicotine plaque or coffee, healing. The choice of a particular type of paste will depend entirely on the needs.Toothpastes often contain fluoride. This is a rather harmful element that damages the entire body. After all, fluorides (fluorine compounds in a paste with other elements) can even cause changes in the structure of brain tissue.
How to deal with plaque on the teeth before the appearance of toothpastes? After all, before our ancestors, without using toothpastes, and especially such compounds as fluoride, they achieved whiteness of teeth with improvised means.For this purpose, infusions of herbs and pastes, consisting only of milled herbs and roots, were used, less often, crushed chalk was used to clean the teeth. Until now, in high-quality pastes without fluorine, if you look at the composition, you can find components such as oak bark, ginger extract, garden peppermint. And this is not surprising, because through the use of these plants it is possible to achieve teeth whitening, a pleasant smell and without fluorine compounds. If you mix the above ingredients in the right proportions, you will get the real, natural tooth powder without fluoride. These funds are sold in a pharmacy and are so democratic that you will be truly amazed.
How to choose the right paste without fluoride? It is best to choose a paste in a pharmacy or consult your dentist. It is this specialist who will help you choose the perfect paste for your teeth. Most often, these toothpastes are classified as dietary supplements, and it is not surprising, because such a tool, first of all - therapeutic and prophylactic, and not just cosmetic. Toothpaste without fluoride should contain other active substances, which are a variety of herbs, plants and extracts from them.
To paste without fluoride brought the expected benefits, it must be properly used. First apply it to your teeth and gums and wait a minute. And only after a minute start normal cleaning.
The composition of some pastes without fluoride recently began to include various bee products. This may be propolis, and pollen, and royal jelly. In this case, it all depends on the indications for use. There are also more exotic elements: the placenta, silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, etc. You should not choose too oversaturated pasta components. Even on the basis of one active element, a paste without fluorine will be no worse than a more expensive one, with additives unknown to you. Well, to the right paste you should choose a quality brush for cleaning. After all, the effectiveness of the paste depends largely on the accuracy and duration of cleaning.

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The Toxic Truth About Fluoride and Its Health Dangers
Useful properties of toothpaste without fluoride

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