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  • I would like to archive my own talk pages, sorry!
  • Please do not edit my talk page without my permission unless you are leaving a comment or removing profanity/vandalism caused by trolls. Make sure that it's actually vandalismbeforeremoving/reverting the comment off of my talk page please.

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At 18:44, Jan 06, 2019


Thanks for removing that note on my talk page, oh dear!

At 19:22, Jan 06, 2019


No! you rolled back an offensive message on patrol! Thanks :)

At 15:27, Jan 08, 2019


Hey, Ty - Happy New Year and thanks for the bump! I've received your message and will get back to you with the results of the test at the end of the day. Thanks a bunch for being so patient :)

At 06:41, Jan 11, 2019


Still working on it, sorry - I've been admittedly rather busy with school lately, but do intend to take a stab at it soon. Blame senior year for making it impossible to get anything done! :P

At 11:05, Jan 11, 2019


At 16:48, Jan 11, 2019


Hi there, it's no biggie! Just a heads up to let you know what I did with it. How's your wikiDay going so far?

At 18:56, Jan 11, 2019


Done and done! Hope you're having a great day :).

At 19:10, Jan 11, 2019


Hi there, thanks for your message, I cannot see where there is a problem, do you have a screen shot? if the problem persists, you should post it on the Forums  ! Sarah

At 21:40, Jan 11, 2019


Thanks! he is one edit away from an ANB report for a block :(

At 21:49, Jan 11, 2019


Oops. I only saw that the anonymous was vandalizing, I didn't see that it had already been reverted, sorry.

At 23:49, Jan 11, 2019


Hey hey Ty!

Great to see you around - I'm just back from maternity leave and catching up with everyone. How've you been?

I just wanted to ask why you approved that contained a spam link? I've undone it for now but if I'm missing something, let me know. Thanks!

At 00:33, Jan 12, 2019


Thanks so much TyTheWriter, Even though you have edited it 's as if I have lost hope of ever being published on this site. I am just trying to make interesting staff using SelfCAD but once I publish an article no it's said is advertising SelfCAD. Think will look for another site to showcase my skills. But otherwise thanks so much for your constant help

At 00:38, Jan 12, 2019


Yes please, And when you look at my article are they really promotional in any way? Like that one for the Minion Character?

At 16:50, Jan 12, 2019


Thanks for the congrats! :)

Ah yea, it's definitely worth looking out for spammy links that are disguised in text like that. If you see a link and you aren't sure, it's better to skip it than to risk approving spam. Doest that sound doable?

At 19:07, Jan 12, 2019


Hello TyTheWriter, Please is it possible you change my article to original format in which it was before you edited it? Because I want to change a few things and it's hard to edit right now in the state in which it is. Please try. Thanks in advance.

At 01:39, Jan 17, 2019


Welcome Ty!

At 02:25, Jan 22, 2019


Hi TyTheWriter

When you are online again, would you mind helping an old lady outagainwith archiving? :)) I have been doing alot of mentoring :) Thank you in advance!!!

At 04:34, Jan 22, 2019


Important Note to people on my Talk Page

  • Sorry for my recent inactivity, some things came up in life, but I will be back within the next few days :)

At 17:02, Jan 22, 2019


Thanks Ty ;) Your the best ;)

At 00:23, Jan 24, 2019


Sorry. I'm actually a little new here myself, so thank you for correcting me. :D

At 19:08, Jan 26, 2019


Hi TyTheWriter,
I found this article with an {{inuse}} tag on it, which does not appear to have been edited for a while. As you are the last editor that made any significant changes to this article, I am wondering if you are still editing it.
I've left it alone for now, but please remove the template if you are done editing the article, or refresh the date by following the instructions on the tag itself if you plan to continue editing the article in the near future.

At 21:12, Jan 29, 2019


Hey there. Can you archive my talk page please.

At 21:12, Jan 29, 2019



At 05:15, Feb 09, 2019


Hello, I have changed your Play article title for you! Interesting topic - the furthest .io game I got to was If the games are made by the same people, man do they have so many ideas...

At 22:47, Feb 09, 2019


Ah, an expert on .io games. Brings back memories of my classmates playing that stuff when they were supposed to be coding. Are you an expert on the topic, or just casual? I have heard of "competitive" .io game players - crazy.

At 00:00, Feb 13, 2019


  • I will be on a wikiBreak for a little while, but when I am able to, I will be back and active again, continuing my journey to becoming a NAB, as that is my main goal at the moment :). See you all soon!

At 01:27, Feb 13, 2019


Hi! Enjoy your wikiBreak!!

At 00:41, Feb 19, 2019


No worries! I hope you're doing well :) Let me know if I can help you become a booster! It took me some time to become one. I didn't pass the tests with flying colors.

At 15:16, Mar 29, 2019


Hi there, you added the {{inuse}} template to Play on 26 Jan 2019. Please let me know if you intend to continue working on this article? If I do not hear back from you within the next 5 days I will remove the tag. Regards, Sarah

At 15:22, Apr 07, 2019


At 06:26, Oct 08, 2019


You’re welcome! :)

At 07:25, Oct 08, 2019


💐awww thanks Ty :)

At 17:17, Oct 08, 2019


You’re welcome!

At 20:06, Oct 09, 2019


Thanks for the TU, Ty! How've you been?

At 00:44, Oct 10, 2019


Aw ya, I know how life goes! Still, I hope it’s more ups than downs :)

All is well around here! Things around the wiki are rolling along, and at home our baby is over 1 now... crazy how time flies!

At 06:17, Oct 10, 2019


Hi ☺,

How are you?

Let me tell you certain things you might have missed in your break.

SarahB I went on a break. It's been months.

wikiHow was launched in Turkish langauge. So we are in 18 languages now.

We have the quick videos feature on the main page.

The wikimeetup has been announced on the forums.

Video: Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight

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