Medallion Hybrid Tea Rose

What are called tea roses

Initially, tea roses had a significant drawback - they could not stand even a slight cooling. But because of the high decorative properties and strong, very pleasant aroma, it was not abandoned to grow it. This was the reason for the creation of new varieties, more unpretentious, which at the same time would retain all the advantages of tea roses.
Currently, there is only one variety of tea rose - it is Gloire de Dijon, climbing rose up to 4 m high. The flowers have a strong aroma, double and large, bright creamy yellow in color. The variety is unstable to powdery mildew and is affected by spider mites. To land a wall or another support in the form of a trellis or trellis is needed. The variety Gloire de Dijon is one of the first, and little is known about its origin. The flowers are cupped, spoiled by rain, but stand very well in the cut. In the climate of the middle zone blooms early and continues to bloom until frost.
The variety of hybrid roses is Barcarole, whose buds have a very dark color, almost black.The flowers, like all tea and hybrid roses, terry and reach a diameter of 9-12 cm, have a strong magnificent aroma. The shrubs of these roses are straight and powerful, flowering continues until late autumn. Very good, this variety looks cut. It is characterized by immunity to black spot and is resistant to the appearance of powdery dews. If you provide the right climate in the greenhouse or winter garden will bloom all year round.
Tea rose with very large flowers, reaching 15-17 cm in diameter, and a strong pleasant aroma is called the Great Perple. The color of this rose is purple, the height of the bushes can exceed 1 m, the branches are very hard and upright. Flowering lasts all summer until late autumn, the variety can be attributed to winter hardiness and resistant to diseases. These bushes are not recommended to subject to strong pruning, since the more axillary buds remain on it, the more shoots will be next year.
Hybrid Tea Rose Blue Perfume is distinguished by its ability to change the color of the petals. The bud is purple, but as the flower blossoms, it acquires a raspberry color and a strong tea aroma. On a fully blooming flower, the middle with yellow stamens is well visible, the central petals can be ragged, deformed,they differ from being with the edge in size and large number. The bush is very thick and beautiful, flowering continues until autumn. Winter hardiness is no different.
One of the most beautiful varieties of roses of the tea-hybrid group is Chopin. The flowers are white, double, small, from 10 to 13 cm in diameter. It doesn’t fade for a long time, it doesn’t spoil from rain and the rainy climate is well tolerated. Shrubs grow no higher than a meter.

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What are called tea roses

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What are called tea roses

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