What are the best Tamil books to read during pregnancy ?

What books to read during pregnancy

First, the future mother needs to decide which genre she likes - applied or fiction. If a woman has a pragmatic approach to motherhood, it is worth exploring modern literature or classics of education. If a pregnant woman just wants to get distracted and plunge into the world of emotions, tuned in a positive way, you need to give preference to fairy tales.
So, what to read pregnant for parenting? You can study the book of Dr. Komarovsky "The health of the child and the common sense of his relatives." The work was written in an ironic manner inherent to Yevgeny Olegovich. The book reflects the realities of the modern family and teaches the expectant mother to cope with many of the prejudices associated with childcare.
The book “This Amazing Baby” by Lyudmila Sokolova and Nadezhda Andreeva is a small but very useful literary work. It will help parents understand how, and most importantly,Why communicate with a newborn baby. A woman looking for something to read during pregnancy must include this book on her list.
Women in anticipation of motherhood, who do not find a common language with their loved ones, are afraid to give birth or fail to raise a child, be sure to read the book “The Sacred Light” by author Luule Viilma. This is not fiction or banal reading. This is a philosophical work that will fill the brain not only with useful information, but also help to find harmony in the soul.
Often asking what books to read while waiting for a child, women are interested in scientific literature written for amateurs. It is worth getting acquainted with the work of Michel Oden "Caesarean section" and "Revived childbirth". These books will help those who are going to give birth at home.
For a pleasant and relaxed leisure suitable "Confession of a little wicked" Simon Brett. The book is shown to be read not only to the expectant mother, but also to all members of the household. A sea of ​​laughter and positive emotions are provided.
Being interested in what to read during pregnancy, do not miss the book “A Shopaholic and Baby” by Sophia Kinsella.Nice and touching story about a girl who is obsessed with shopping, who is in an interesting position.
If the list seems too narrow to you, the question of what to read while pregnant will be answered by fairy tales. It's time to re-read or, finally, get acquainted with the works of Alexander Volkov, Lewis Carroll, Alexander Milne, Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren. You can read out loud to enjoy with your child. You'll see, pregnancy will make you take a fresh look at the adventures of Ellie, Alice, Winnie the Pooh, Mummy Troll and Peppy Long Stocking.

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What books to read during pregnancy

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