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What can not eat pregnant

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Fast food, chips, fast food. The effect of these products on the body is always negative. During pregnancy, you need to abandon their use. In addition, you should avoid eating in dubious restaurants and street fast food outlets - the risk of poisoning is high.
Spicy and salty dishes. Spicy dishes can cause heartburn, which already haunts many women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. In addition, spicy and salty foods contribute to fluid retention in the body, which leads to swelling.
Carbonated drinks. During pregnancy is to limit the use of sweet soda. There are a lot of preservatives and dyes in it, which in large quantities have a negative impact on the work of the liver and on the quality of the blood supplied to the child.
Coffee and chocolate. The consumption of coffee and chocolate in large quantities adversely affects the nervous system of the mother and fetus.Coffee increases blood pressure and can affect the tone of the uterus, which is fraught with miscarriage.
Margarine. This product increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in both mother and fetus, and its excessive use leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques.
Sushi. Sushi, especially those cooked in dubious conditions, can cause infection by parasites, which in the body of a pregnant woman can cause serious complications.
Confectionery. It is well known that an overweight woman is a serious problem during pregnancy and leads to edema, increased pressure, difficult childbirth. In addition, the risk of having a very large child is increased.
Unpasteurized milk and dairy products. Milk without heat treatment can cause a risk of intestinal infections. It is necessary to monitor the quality and freshness of products. It is necessary to abandon the use of soft cheeses in order to avoid such diseases as listeriosis, which can lead to serious consequences for the fetus.
Exotic fruits and nuts. You should not try something new during pregnancy, as it is not known whether this or that product will cause an allergy or not.
EggsEggs can be consumed in reasonable quantities and only in a heat-treated form. Raw eggs during pregnancy are contraindicated.

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What can not eat pregnant

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