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What documents are needed to issue a traumatic weapon

To get a traumatic weapon, to get an official permit - a license for it, you will need to fill out an application card in a unified form with a 3x4 photograph pasted into it. 3 more such photos will need to be attached to other documents. Photos must be printed on matte paper. To obtain a license, you will need an original ID card - a passport, as well as copies of its pages, including with a registration stamp.
In the Department of licensing and authorization work (OLRR) at the Department of Internal Affairs at the place of registration, it is necessary to find out bank details for transferring the state duty, pay it, and attach the payment receipt to the package of documents. The fee for obtaining a license for traumatics is 30% of the established minimum wage.You will also need to undergo a medical examination with an examination by a psychiatrist and a narcologist and a note that you are not registered with these specialists. Confirming this fact and your health document will be a medical certificate on the form number 046-1.
Traumatic weapons should be kept in a specially equipped safe place inaccessible to outsiders. You will need to purchase a separate roomy safe for it, in which you will also need to put ammunition and other accessories - a holster, a shop, etc. The safe must be securely attached to a wall or floor in order to carry it away. An act confirming the existence of such a storage place, signed by your local police inspector, will also need to be attached to the package of documents. Some ATCs may also require that lattices be installed on the windows of your private house or apartment, if you live on the first or last floor, but this requirement is not stipulated in the law.
Be trained in the safe handling of firearms of limited destructive effect and obtain a certificate of this.The address of the organization that issues such certificates must be obtained from the FRA at ATC. In addition to the mentioned certificate, you will also need a copy of the certificate of tax registration with the TIN and a certificate of employment.

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What documents are needed to issue a traumatic weapon

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