What does the name Timothy

The influence of the name on the character

The origin of this name is quite obvious - from the Greek word "timothos", which translates as "worshiping God." The Greek version of this name is Timoteos.
Timothy is growing up not too noisy and independent child. Until a certain age, he unquestioningly listens to his elders. From an early age it manifests itself in communication very calmly, it is completely not prone to conflicts. In childhood, he prefers to spend more time with his mother, and he always agrees with her. In some cases, this dependence on the mother persists even at an older age, if Timofey marries, she transfers to his wife, who usually has a serious influence on all his decisions and actions.
Timofey is usually very smart, charming and beautiful. He easily attracts and holds the attention of other people. Timofey is an extremely responsible person, a very important role in his life is played by the education to which he aspires with all his might.His diplomacy and patience can quickly build a successful career.

Features of relations with society

In his personal life, Timothy always shows gentleness. The malleability of the owner of this name leads to the fact that in his family the role of leader goes to his wife. It is very important for Timofey that his life partner shares his passions, in fact this is one of the main factors when choosing a spouse. Timofey shows himself as an ideal husband, devotes a lot of time to children, moreover, he gladly assumes the role of the only earner in the family.
From the side, as a rule, Timofey gives the impression of a very balanced and calm person who does not want to stand out in a team. He hides his emotions, keeps calm in most difficult situations, sometimes it leads to the fact that others consider him arrogant and secluded.
Timofey rarely makes a lot of friends. In noisy companies, he tries on himself any role and assiduously plays it. The real Timofey can be seen only in the circle of close people, although even there he rarely shows discontent and irritability, usually only his wife observes such manifestations.
In some circumstances, Timothy can be very vindictive, most often he does not show his displeasure directly during a quarrel, preferring to harbor a negative. His close people often suffer from this, in whose presence Timofey can “break through.”

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What does the name Timothy

Timothy 🎥 Name Meaning :1st. Name 🎥
What does the name Timothy

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