Chocolate Dream Interpretation

What dreams of chocolate

Have chocolate in your sleep

There is chocolate in a dream - you can only dream about it! No extra calories, but ahead of you waiting for well-being or cash replenishment. Salary increase is possible. Have you talked about it with your boss for a long time? He will probably please you soon, if not with an improvement in salary, then a good bonus.
It is possible that promising and profitable offers are waiting for you: be attentive to the initiatives of your colleagues, one of the projects that you are offered can be very profitable.
There are chocolates - it means that you are surrounded by reliable customers or partners who will support you or make a good profit. If candies were presented to you, then this means that someone on whom your material well-being depends will gladly meet you. Perhaps business partners are ready to conclude a profitable contract with you.
Also, chocolate can mean that you will be inspired by an idea that will allow you to fully provide for yourself and your loved ones in the near future.

Chocolate in a love relationship

If eating chocolate in a dream was somehow related to a romantic sensation, then this dream is most likely to be interpreted from a personal rather than financial point of view. Perhaps in front of you awaits an exciting love affair, which will bring a lot of pleasure. It is not known how long it will last, but you definitely should not expect disappointment.
When you treat someone with chocolate, it means that you are very gentle and attentive. If in a dream chocolate got to your partner, then this indicates that he is crazy about your erotic talents: in bed you have no equal, he is absolutely sure of that!
But drink hot chocolate: it all depends on the temperature of the drink. If it is indoor or even cold, then you will be disappointed in the intimate sphere: perhaps the partner is simply out of shape now. Scorching hot chocolate promises serious passions.

Stale, unsweetened, or tasteless chocolate

When chocolate in a dream leads to unpleasant sensations, for example, it is stale, it smells strange, it seems to you tasteless or something else, it means trouble. You may be frustrated or ill.
Overeat in a dream chocolate, show gluttony: be careful with pleasant events pouring on you like from a horn of plenty. You run the risk of making a mistake or failing to do it, which can lead to bad results.

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Images: What dreams of chocolate What dreams of chocolate
Images: What dreams of chocolate What dreams of chocolate
Images: What dreams of chocolate What dreams of chocolate
Images: What dreams of chocolate What dreams of chocolate