7 Things Your Cat Wants On Amazon

What if the cat wants a cat

You must take the cat to the bathroom and drench it with a stream from the shower. After water procedures, she for some time will forget about her matrimonial pretensions and will be busy drying the wool through her thorough licking. And the owner finally has at least some time to take a nap and freshen up before moving on to more radical measures of influence on a cat raging from sexual hunger.
how to keep a cat
In order to delay the moment of the final decision of the cat's fate for a while, you need to take a pill of Dimedrol, divide it at least into 4 parts and, wearing a protective suit (or at least thick gloves), try to feed the medicine to the cat. If this succeeds, a day of peace is assured.
how to teach a kitten to the bath
It is necessary to decide whether it is worthwhile to acquaint your cat with the manufacturer. If the pet is instituted with the expectation of posterity, then you need to phone with the owner of a cat of the same breed and take your sufferer to him for several days.However, if the cat is in heat first, then it is better to postpone pregnancy and childbirth, at least until it is one year old. Early childbirth is not less dangerous for animals than for humans.
if a cat shedding what to do
If the owner does not want the cat to give birth to offspring in the near future, he should buy drops or tablets to reduce his craving. It is necessary to carefully read the contraindications and side effects of drugs. Almost all means of such an action are hormone-based, therefore it is always highly discouraged to give them to a cat, since this can lead to various complications, including oncology.
What to do if the cat fell out of the window
It is necessary to find in the vetaptek or to order in the online store a preparation for the correction of the cat's behavior, made on the basis of herbal decoction (for example, “The Cat of the Bayun”). It is necessary to shake the bottle, then open, put on the dispenser. Take the cat and, firmly holding it between the knees, with one hand open her mouth and the second - drop a few drops of the drug to her.


Ryan wants a Cat for Christmas
What if the cat wants a cat

When Cat Wants To Be With Owner
What if the cat wants a cat

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