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What is a small and large circle of blood circulation

Circulatory system

When a person’s circulatory system is divided into two circles of blood circulation, the heart is subjected to less stress than if the body had a general blood supply system. In the pulmonary circulation, blood travels from the heart to the lungs and then back through the closed arterial and venous system that connects the heart and the lungs. Her path begins in the right ventricle and ends in the left atrium. In the pulmonary circulation, the arteries carry blood with carbon dioxide and the veins carry blood with oxygen.
From the right atrium blood enters the right ventricle, and then through the pulmonary artery is pumped into the lungs. From the right ventricle, venous blood enters the arteries and capillaries of the lungs, where it gets rid of carbon dioxide and then is saturated with oxygen. Through the pulmonary veins, blood flows into the left atrium, then it enters the systemic circulation and then goes to all organs.Since it flows slowly in the capillaries, carbon dioxide gas has time to enter it, and oxygen - to penetrate into the cells. Since blood enters the lungs under low pressure, the pulmonary circulation is also called a low pressure system. The time of passage of blood in the small circle of blood circulation is 4-5 seconds.With increased oxygen demand, for example, with intense exercise, the pressure created by the heart increases and the blood flow accelerates.

Great Circle of Blood Circulation

From the left ventricle of the heart begins a large circle of blood circulation. Oxygenated blood from the lungs enters the left atrium and then enters the left ventricle. From there, arterial blood enters the arteries and capillaries. Through the walls of the capillaries, blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissue fluid, taking carbon dioxide and metabolic products. From the capillaries it enters the small veins, forming larger veins. Then, through the two venous trunks (the superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava), it enters the right atrium, completing the systemic circulation. Circulation of blood in the great circulation of blood is 23-27 seconds.Blood flows from the upper vena cava from the upper parts of the body, and from the lower parts from the lower parts.
There are two pairs of valves in the heart. One of them is located between the ventricles and atria. The second pair is located between the ventricles and arteries. These valves provide the direction of blood flow and interfere with the reverse flow of blood.

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What is a small and large circle of blood circulation

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