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What is crystal and how does it differ from glass

What is crystal

Crystal is a type of glass that contains at least 24% lead or barium oxide. Such additives provide, in the language of jewelers, a “play of light”, as well as increase the plasticity of the material - all this makes it possible to expose the crystal to faceting and carving. Such procedures allow crystal, as well as precious stones, to more fully manifest their beauty.
Crystal received its name by analogy with rock crystal, the name of which, in turn, is derived from the Greek word "crystal", which translates as "ice." Probably, the purity and transparency of this mineral inspired the association of ice with the Greeks. Rhinestone is a form of colorless quartz.
The creation of crystal practiced in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia at the dawn of glassmaking. However, in its modern form, crystal was obtained only in 1676 by the English master George Ravenscroft.

What is the difference between crystal and glass

Crystal and glass are two materials that are manufactured using completely different technologies and from different materials. It is these two factors that determine the presence of differences between them, including in price categories.
Firstly, glass and crystal have different thermal conductivities. Glass to the touch is warmer and heats up quickly in the hands, while crystal cools the skin.
Secondly, crystal is much stronger. It can be broken, but it is more difficult to do. When breaking the glass shatters in large pieces, the crystal is broken into small pieces. Over time, scratches, cracks, tarnish appear on the glass. With crystal this does not happen.
In addition, if you look at any object through the glass, the image will increase slightly. The crystal will give a splitting of the object without magnification.
Finally, crystal, unlike glass, has a distinctive sound. Running wet fingers over it, you can hear a pleasant chime. And when two crystal products come into contact, a rising, long-lasting rumble is heard. Glass produces only a thud.
It is all of the above factors that make crystal an expensive collectible.In the manufacture of crystal products they are always decorated with engraving, carefully polished and used in their decoration gold foil, etching or matting.
Crystal can also be colored: red, green, purple, etc. But keep in mind that in the market, crystal is often replaced with ordinary glass, making skillful imitations, which only an expert can distinguish.

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What is crystal and how does it differ from glass

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What is crystal and how does it differ from glass

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