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What is half board

If full board is three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), then half board is only breakfast and dinner, in some hotels you can optionally replace dinner for lunch. That is, in addition to the paid room, the vacationer will have at his disposal breakfast (eggs, pancakes, scrambled eggs, croissants, salads, depending on the menu) and dinner (meat or fish, salad, bread, dessert). For breakfast, usually also served any soft drinks, for example, coffee, tea, water, milk, juice, for dinner - most often only water.
Meal time is limited, usually breakfast lasts from 8 to 10 am, dinner - from 18 to 20 in the evening. Evening meal in most hotels is a buffet, when you can choose any offered dish. At the same time, drinks at dinner are paid. If extended half-board HB + is paid for, free alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages may be served for dinner.
Additional drinks, snacks, lunches - all this is available to the tourist, even at half board, but for a fee. Usually billed at the end of a holiday, when leaving the hotel.

Advantages of half board

The main advantage of this way of eating is that the vacationers are not tied to their hotel, they can freely leave for the whole day, going to cafes and restaurants on the way. That is why hotels with half board are often chosen at resorts in Europe and Asia, because there are many inexpensive and cozy cafes, bars or trendy restaurants.
The time for lunch can be chosen independently, it is not necessary to come to the hotel restaurant at the right time. In hot resorts, you often want to spend time on the beach or by the pool, and there is no appetite at the appointed time.
For some, it may be a plus to the absence of half-board alcohol in the menu. Unlike the famous All Inclusive, when alcohol in unlimited quantities is able to turn the rest into continuous drinking, half board allows you to strictly control the consumption of alcohol.

The disadvantages of half board

Tourists who order additional meals, snacks and drinks besides those that are in the prepaid menu, often overpay for them. In addition, at the end of the holiday will be difficult to calculate whether the correct amount required by hotel workers.
In most hotels in Egypt and Turkey it is forbidden to bring food and drinks in the room purchased outside the hotel’s restaurant. This can be a very uncomfortable circumstance.In these countries it is often more profitable and more convenient to pay for full board (FB) or All Inclusive right away.

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What is half board

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