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What is man ready for love?

What is man ready for love?

Triangle: he, she and her husband. He conquered her with his views and sense of humor. She is tired of the religiosity of her husband. In general, the story of love and religion. I enjoyed listening to the debate about whether there is a god. The position of atheism is closer to me, so I was delighted. The story was not bad, it is worthy of attention. The second storyline about the police successfully complements the first.
In general, it turns out thinking about loyalty, love and God. It's not bad. And all the time I want to stand on different sides, it is difficult to clearly understand who is bad and who is good. The outcome is entertaining, with intrigue, I will not tell, see for yourself.
Cinema is exciting dialogue, there is something to think about.
There is a philosophical meaning, which makes the picture more expressive.

Video: India.Arie - Ready For Love

He’s Not Ready for a Relationship? Say THIS to Him… | Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy
What is man ready for love

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