Optical Zoom vs Digital Zoom - Difference in Hindi

What is the difference between a zoom lens and a fixed lens?

Focal length.
The so-called zoom lenses are lenses that can change their focal length. In other words, standing in one place, you can remove objects both near you and at a sufficiently remote distance.
Fixed lenses do not have this capability, these lenses have a fixed, fixed focal length. With them, they say, you have to frame your legs, i.e. move further or closer to the subject.
Sharpness of pictures. Fixed lenses always give a sharper picture, which is especially important when shooting close-ups of portraits of people. Moreover, if you mainly shoot landscapes or architecture, such high sharpness can be neglected.
Aperture Fixed lenses are much more high-aperture, which is important if you often use the camera indoors, and less important if you shoot outdoors during daylight hours.In this case, a smaller aperture zoom lens will not interfere with your shooting.
The possibility of additional photo effects. Using zoom lenses, you can create more diverse photo effects, for example, using the ability to change the focal length at the time of the shutter release. Fixed lens can not give a similar effect.
Fixed lenses are simpler in their design, so their price with a comparable quality of mechanisms and materials will always be much lower than their zoom counterparts.

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OPTICAL ZOOM Vs DIGITAL ZOOM | What's The Difference? [in Hindi]
What is the difference between a zoom lens and a fixed lens?

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What is the difference between a zoom lens and a fixed lens?

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