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What is the difference between hot and bikram yoga

Common to both practices is that classes are held in a room with air temperature up to 42 � C and humidity from 40%, and pranayamas and asanas belong to hatha yoga. Heat and humidity contribute to greater relaxation and better stretching of the muscles of the body, making it easier to perform exercises, even for beginners.
Similar is also the health effect, which is achieved by practicing hot or bikram yoga. There is an intense weight loss, detoxification of the body, improves the work of the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems, the general metabolism and skin condition.
Bikram yoga classes last an hour and a half and consist of a strictly defined sequence of twenty-six asanas, thirteen standing and seated poses, and two pranayama. Asanas are performed at an energetic pace and a given combination, with fixed points of transition from posture to pose.
The sequence of asanas in Bikram Yoga was developed by the master of Chowdhury and is aimed at the earliest achievement of the therapeutic effect of hot yoga, a rapid decrease in body weight,removal of muscle blocks, intensive training of endurance and strength.
Hot yoga exercises are performed at a slower pace, the sequence of asanas and pranayama is arbitrary and can vary from class to class. Also, hot yoga includes the performance of paired asanas and devotes more time to the postures for relaxation.
Holding a particular pose in a hot yoga can last longer than in bikram yoga, the transitions are not fixed. It can be said that hot yoga gives the practitioner great creative freedom, while maintaining the principle of connectedness of asanas. In Hindu practice, this approach is called "Vinyasa", the flow, and implies the most natural, smooth combination of movements and respiratory elements, meditation in action.

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What is the difference between hot and bikram yoga

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