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What is the meaning of unction


What is the Unction

There are seven church sacraments, one of which is unction. In theological literature, one can also find another name for this sacred rite, the holy consecration. The history of the setting of the unction brings us to the times of the apostles. The message of Jacob says that if anyone falls ill, he must call the elders of the Church to pray over him and to anoint him with holy oil. This affirms the faith and hope that the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will heal him. It turns out that the unction is necessary for a person as a means of helping with diseases. Everyone has certain diseases that are serious and insignificant, and a person in essence strives to preserve his body.

Many incorrectly believe that they gather only before death. This is a serious misconception. The sacrament of the Church is not for death, but for life! Often, patients are collected precisely in order to alleviate their suffering and suffering.

It is necessary to realize that the unction is useful not only for the body.Thus, it is determined that in this sacrament a forgotten sins are forgiven to a person. But not those that he forgot by laziness, but committed by ignorance or completely disappeared from memory. There is a purification of the soul that proceeds to this shrine and the grace descends on the person, which strengthens and gives spiritual strength to the believer.

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Extreme unction Meaning
What is the meaning of unction

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