Top 10 Most Expensive Vodka

What is the most expensive vodka in the world?

Vodka for billionaires

The most expensive vodka in the world is a drink, invented by the creator and owner of LVLG (Leon Verres Luxury Group), designer Leon Verres. Of course, the product, poured into an exclusive bottle, of the highest quality, but by no means the taste characteristics of vodka, is explained by the price of $ 3,700,000 per unit of this product. A million dollars of them - the “clean” price of hundreds of diamonds, which separate the shining packaging, still falls on crystals from the world famous brand Swarovski, which also decorated the bottle. If about a shining, designer vessel, almost everything is known, then its contents are a mystery. The LVLG company carefully conceals the Billionaire vodka production process, only vaguely hinting at some unprecedented, particularly thorough distillation process.Billionaire vodka is not the first luxury drink from LVLG. Prior to that, champagne was released under the same name, the bottles of which were also packaged in a special container adorned with diamonds.

"Automotive" vodka

Vodka "Russo-Balt" (Russo baltique) - the second for the price in the world. For a bottle of this drink will have to pay 1 350 000 dollars, of course, if you do not give it for free, as the Prince of Monaco Albert. This vodka is created not only for sale, but for representational purposes. The design of the bottle, trimmed with gold, platinum and diamonds exactly repeats the radiator of the legendary car, whose name carries the drink.There is a “lightweight” version of Russo baltique vodka. The drink, poured into a bottle of classic design, but also generously decorated with precious metals and diamonds, will cost only $ 740,000.

Premium Vodka

Of the most expensive vodkas in the world, premium-class vodka, we can confidently name only the third-priced drink — a product called Diva. Although it was not without gems, the flask in the center of the vodka vessel was filled with them. However, the manufacturer justifies this luxury by the fact that it emphasizes the purity of the drink. Indeed, for the production of Diva only mountain spring water is used, filtering is carried out first through ice, then through coal and at the very end through diamond dust. The price for a bottle of such vodka is $ 1,000,000.

Crystal Vodka

All other expensive sorts of vodka are much inferior in price to the three leaders, while the cost of the drink is basically justified again by the design of the bottle, but by no means a special piece of its contents. So Belver Bears Belvedere vodka, produced specifically for VIP guests in Cannes, is packed in a vessel in the shape of the famous bear cub (the price of the drink is 7,240 dollars), vodka Oval and Iordanov (6,920 and 4150 dollars, respectively) are bottled, generously studded with Swarovski crystals. Not without the famous pebbles and pink, shining vodka vessel for Alize ladies. After paying $ 2,000, you can not only enjoy the sparkling beauty of the bottle, but also try the vodka made from strawberries, rose petals and lychee fruits. Against the backdrop of this sparkling splendor, the height of taste, in all senses, looks like an exclusive release of Absolut Crystal vodka, spilled on crystal decanters and produced on a special line, with careful control of 800 copies a year. You can try this vodka by paying only $ 1,000 per bottle.

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What is the most expensive vodka in the world?

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