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What is the most important advantage in man

Of course, the positive traits of character include commitment, courage, benevolence, sincerity, responsibility, punctuality, and many other qualities whose presence causes respect in the eyes of others and helps the person to overcome life difficulties. The advantages also include the firmness of principles and beliefs, good habits, innate and acquired abilities. From all this set of excellent qualities it is difficult to choose only one, which could be called the main one. But, nevertheless, it is, and it is his initial presence that can be pre-determining for the acquisition of all other positive features. This is a virtue.
Now it is not so often to hear this word as a definition of a character trait. But without it, all other positive qualities of a person will not be able to manifest themselves to a sufficiently strong degree, and many of them will not be able to develop.Dignity is, above all, respect for oneself, which means respect for those who are close by. Respecting himself, a person begins to believe in his capabilities and strengths, but this is not reckless narcissism - he is well aware of his weaknesses and shortcomings, taking them as an occasion for self-development and work on himself.
A person with dignity does not look for easy ways and relies on his own strength, although it is much more difficult than to shift some of the difficulties onto the shoulders of others or to use other people's work. Such an approach makes him constantly improve himself, stimulates him in gaining new knowledge. At the same time, such character traits as perseverance and responsibility, dedication and self-confidence are developed, since, as they say, "the road will be mastered by the one who goes." Dignity allows a person to become internally independent and to choose the life principles that should be followed in order to preserve oneself and harmonious relations with the outside world.
The dignity of man is in no way connected with his social or financial situation, nor with gender, nor with age, nor with his physical condition.It allows you to always be content with what is at the moment and achieve what a person considers necessary and necessary for themselves. This quality of character unwittingly causes the respect of others, and they recognize the inner strength of such a person. But at the same time, this force is not aggression and not pressure, but an understanding and respect for someone else’s choice.

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What is the most important advantage in man

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What is the most important advantage in man

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