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What is the most popular shooter

Titanfall (2014) is a new generation network shooter from Respawn Entertainment. The game combines dynamic network battles with plot inserts. The player will assume the role of "pilot" and join the battle. All players are divided into teams of 6 pilots. In combat, a player can soar in the air with a jet pack, kill other players and summon his own Titan, a huge robot. All equipment, as well as "Titan" can be improved by gaining a certain amount of experience. Titanfall can boast of amazing graphics and interesting gameplay.
"Wolfenstein: The New Order" (2014) - a direct continuation of the Wolfrnstein series, a first-person shooter developed by MachineGames. According to the plot of the game, in the alternative universe, the Third Reich managed to win the Second World War using the latest technologies. Captain Blatzkowicz was wounded during the war and fell into a coma. Waking up after a few years, Blackovic sees that the whole world is ruled by the Nazis.The captain decides to raise a rebellion and destroy all enemies, as well as their main stronghold. The player will have to fight the Nazis with firearms. The user must fight both ordinary soldiers and robots. On the technical side, the new Wolfenstein stands out for its excellent graphics and simple gameplay.
PayDay 2 (2013) is a computer game in the genre of a cooperative shooter with a first-person view. Users will raid the banks with friends and fight with the police side by side. The player has a choice: either break into the bank and destroy the guards, or rob the bank silently, without attracting attention. In the beginning, the player must select a character class (ghost, manipulator, attack aircraft and technician). Each class provides certain advantages in the game. For example, the “ghost” is an expert in silent robberies, and a “technician” can install various turrets, drills, bombs, as well as crack locks.
Left 4 Dead 2 (2009) - continuation of the co-operative shooter from Valve. Players will have to survive in a world in which many people are in the bloodthirsty dead. The four survivors have to break through the crowds of the dead and try to escape from the city.In the arsenal of the player has a wide arsenal of firearms and cold weapons. Fight to be with both zombies and bosses. At each level you need to get to the shelter, which contains weapons, first-aid kits, bombs and much more.

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Images: What is the most popular shooter What is the most popular shooter
Images: What is the most popular shooter What is the most popular shooter
Images: What is the most popular shooter What is the most popular shooter