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What is the right dinner

Today, doctors and nutritionists have come to the conclusion that to have dinner is just necessary for human health. Refusal of food in the evening threatens to gain extra pounds. Time of receiptproper dinner- 3-4 hours before bedtime.

What is includeduseful dinner? It should consist of proteins, slow carbohydrates and fiber. Many people mistakenly believe that fiber is concentrated mainly in greens and vegetables. But vegetables - a seasonal product, therefore, the amount of vitamins in them is minimal in the winter. But the greens are always available on the shelves in fresh form. But if you eat it as a separate dish, then the norm in the number of calories will not be observed. An adult should eat about 350 calories at dinner, and it's impossible to eat greens in such quantities. But as an additive to meat or fish, you can use it. 30 g of lettuce contains the daily rate of vitamin C, they are also rich in fiber. But it should be remembered that in addition to the benefits they bring and harm.What is it manifested in? In the content of bacteria. To get rid of at least part of the microbes on lettuce leaves, the product should be soaked for 10-15 minutes in cold salty water. Then rinse under running water 3 times.

Correct dinnermust be composed of proteins. This is usually boiled turkey breast, steamed rabbit or baked fish. But when you come home, tired of work, you want to cook something "in a hurry." After all, not always remain the power to culinary delights. And here sausages come to the rescue. Can I eat them for dinner? It turns out possible, but only those sausages that contain meat, the minimum amount of salt, fat and chemistry. Often, eating sausages is also not worth eating, but only 2-3 times a week and no more than 2 pieces.

With the rightgarnish and sausages are not terrible for the figure. Mostuseful side dish- buckwheat porridge, which in its properties is not inferior to vegetables. Buckwheat is rich in vitamins and minerals, it has a substance like rutin, which improves blood circulation. Also buckwheat porridge is suitable forproper and healthy dinner, as it is not deposited in the sides.

Many, besides the main dishes, eat for dinner and fruit.Is it possible to eat fruit onright dinner?They contain fast-absorbing carbohydrates, which are directly deposited in adipose tissue. But not all fruits are banned. Exceptions are: kiwi, pear, mandarin, orange and berries. They are less harmful because their sugar content is minimal.

And hereperfect drinkforproper dinner- This is all forgotten jelly, which reduces cholesterol, accelerates metabolic processes. Natural jelly consists of ingredients such as: water, berries, sugar and starch. The latter is not the best friend for those who follow the figure. But it turns out that in combination with water and berries, starch turns into a super-useful thing.

Some have a problem with what they want to eat at night. Such a snack is possible, according to experts. You can eat one boiled egg, 50 g of boiled turkey or chicken, a glass of non-calorie yogurt.

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Images: What is the right dinner What is the right dinner
Images: What is the right dinner What is the right dinner
Images: What is the right dinner What is the right dinner