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What is the size of the yellow body during pregnancy

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  • - make ultrasound during pregnancy;
The formation of the yellow body in the menstrual cycle
On the 15-18th day of the menstrual cycle, or 2 weeks after the onset of menstruation, ovulation occurs: the dominant follicle bursts and a mature egg ready for fertilization comes out. From the follicle cells under the action of luteinizing hormone (LH), a new gland is formed - the yellow body, which will take on the role of the future placenta, that is, it will produce the hormone progesterone and a small amount of estrogen. At this stage, progesterone prepares the endometrium of the uterus for possible pregnancy and implantation of the ovum. This is the early luteal phase and the normal size of the yellow body during this period varies from 15 to 20 mm.
Corpus luteum
In a cycle in which conception did not occur, or the development of the embryo was interrupted at an early stage - the corpus luteum undergoes extinction and disappearance.
Regression of the corpus luteum
In the pregnant cycle, the corpus luteum, under the influence of the chorionic hormone produced by the embryo, continues to develop and function for 12 weeks in obstetric terms or three months from the onset of menstruation. The corpus luteum continues to secrete progesterone and inhibits the formation of new mature eggs, the onset of menstruation, thereby preventing miscarriage. On ultrasound, it looks like a heterogeneous round yellow soft formation. Starting from the middle of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, and over the next few weeks, the corpus luteum reaches 25 - 27 mm.
Yellow body photo
By the 12th week of gestation in the uterus, the placenta, the organ providing the embryo with everything necessary during the entire period of fetal development, is completed. That it is designed to displace the corpus luteum and become a monopolist in the production of progesterone. Thus, the yellow body gradually decreases and completely disappears. In the period of extinction, the size of the yellow body reaches 10 - 15 mm.
Yellow body photo
Two concepts are associated with impaired development of the corpus luteum: cyst of the corpus luteum and insufficiency of the corpus luteum.Both problems may arise due to genetic predisposition, as well as from a hormonal hormone disorder of a woman, stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Do not self-medicate, consult a doctor in time.
Helpful advice
Always consider the error of the ultrasound machine. If in the results of your examination the size of the corpus luteum does not coincide with the generally accepted ones, do not rush to sound the alarm. Donate blood to determine the amount of progesterone to find out if you need additional hormonal support during pregnancy.
  • The gynecologist is responsible for the concept of the yellow body.
  • Opinion gynecologist about normal size of the yellow body.

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What is the size of the yellow body during pregnancy

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