What signs distinguish man from animals

First of all, only a person can speak. Scientists, comparing people with their closest "relatives" - chimpanzees, found that the human larynx is much lower than that of the monkey, and, moreover, people have a hyoid bone, thanks to which they can pronounce articulate sounds. According to scientists, people learned to talk about 350 thousand years ago. Of course, animals also communicate with each other, but their methods of communication are very different from what we humans can do.
The second important feature of a person is his ability to walk upright straight: a man is erectus (Homo erectus), who was supposedly the ancestor of modern man, appeared in East Africa about 1.9 million years ago. Thanks to this skill, primitive people freed their hands, into which they could take their first instruments - a stick, a stone, etc.True, this, in a certain way, “anomalous” property of a person, greatly complicated the process of giving birth to children, as the human pelvis changed and became much narrower, and in human babies a rather large brain and, accordingly, a large head. It was not for nothing that in the past mortality among women in labor was so high, whereas in the animal world birth to life usually proceeds much faster and safer.
Human hands that have become free after people have finally “risen to their feet” are also very different from the limbs of other animals. The opposed thumb, without which it would be difficult for a person to grab something, is also found in primates (they have the same on the leg, but the person does not), but only a person can connect the thumb with the ring finger and the little finger, and these fingers, in turn, easily reach the base of the thumb. Thanks to these features, a person can be much more dexterous and use various tools.
It is not difficult to notice that all the monkeys, to which our species is closest, are covered with thick hair, and the person in comparison with them looks just "naked."At the same time, scientists argue that the people on every square centimeter of skin have the same number of hair follicles as the rest of primates. But the "wool" of man consists of much more thin, light and short hairs.
The most amazing part of the human body is its brain. Of course, there are animals with a much larger brain volume than humans, but only Homo sapiens is capable of abstract thinking, due to which it is able to create, do science, and just think logically.

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What signs distinguish man from animals

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What signs distinguish man from animals

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