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What to buy for the birth of a baby

"Dowry" to the birth of the baby
- Stroller.
- Cot.
- Changing table or changing table. For these purposes, the usual free table will suit, its height should be comfortable for mom. Or a chest of drawers - it is convenient because you can store all the necessary accessories for baby care in the top drawers.
- 1 flannelette and 1 woolen blanket.
- 3 sets of bed linen.
- 3 oilcloths - one bed in the crib, the second - on the changing table, and the third is useful, for example, if you take the child to yourself or just underlay it.
- Terry towels. One is needed to put a child under the head instead of a pillow, the second to wipe after bathing and the third small for the face.
- 15 flannel and thin diapers, if you plan to constantly use diapers, then 5 pieces is enough. Even if you are not going to swaddle the baby, you should not refuse them completely, you can put a diaper under the oilcloths.
- Gauze diapers and diapers.If you constantly use diapers, again, gauze diapers are not needed. Do not buy a lot of diapers, because you do not know how to give birth to a baby, and besides, children in the first months grow very quickly.
Newborn Clothing
- Shirts or T-shirts with fasteners on the shoulders of 3 pieces warm and thin.
- Blouses are warm and thin, 4 pieces each.
- Sliders - 15-20 pieces, with constant use of diapers, 4 pieces will suffice.
- Cotton hats, 2 pieces.
- 1 knitted hat for walking.
- 4 pairs of socks. If the baby is born in the cold season, then another 2 pairs of warm socks for walking.
- Envelope or jumpsuit for walking. It is better to buy a jumpsuit, because the baby will quickly grow out of an envelope.
- A beautiful suit for visits to the doctor or visit.
- Mittens, 5 pairs. Small children have sharp nails, and even if they are trimmed in time, there is still a chance that they can scratch their face.
First aid kit
- For processing the umbilical cord - hydrogen peroxide and brilliant green.
- For swimming - potassium permanganate, chamomile grass and a series.
- Cotton swabs for the treatment of nose, ears and umbilical cord wounds.
- Cotton pads, they are convenient to wash the baby.
- Children's cream and massage oil.
- Vaseline oil will be needed in order to lubricate the vapor tube or enema.
- Cleansing wipes that do not contain alcohol. It is advisable to buy 2 packs, put the second one in your bag, they will be useful when going to the doctor or to visit.
- 3 pipettes for eyes, nose and umbilical cord processing.
- Gauze.
- 2 small syringe, one of them for the nose.
- Vent tube.
- Scissors with blunt ends. It is better to buy the usual manicure, because children's scissors are usually uncomfortable and badly ground.
- Thermometer for the body. It is advisable to purchase electronic.
- Antipyretic candles.
- Valerian Herbs.
- Tea with fennel. Give the baby with colic.
- Dill. Also, dill water is good for colic.
For swimming
- Bath. It is advisable to buy a slide for her, it is much more convenient to bathe the baby in her. You should not buy a bath, in which a slide is already provided, it is better to separate it, because the baby will grow out of it, and you will have to either bathe it in an adult bath or buy a new regular one.
- Natural sponge or cotton mitten.
- Thermometer for water. Even if you think you can determine the temperature yourself, it’s still not worth the risk.The advantage of such a thermometer is that they can measure the temperature not only of water, but also of the room.
- Baby soap. The first months are not recommended to use foams and shower gels, shampoos.
For feeding
Artificial feeding:
- 3 bottles with a cap, volume from 100 to 250 ml.
- 3 nipples. Nipples are constantly lost, so it’s best to always clean one and get one only when necessary.
- Brush for washing bottles.
- Sterilizer and bottle warmer are useful accessories, but you can do without them.
- Children's thermos. It is convenient for going for a walk or to the doctor.
- 1 bottle with a cap. Even if you plan to feed the child yourself, a bottle in the house will not be superfluous. It is useful for the time of your absence (for example, to the store), just decant the milk, and when the baby is hungry, he will be fed with your milk from a bottle. And besides, the baby should be given to drink water.
Mom's help for breastfeeding:
- Breast pump. Convenient, but not necessary thing.
- Breast pads, for the first time of the week, breastfeeding gives a lot of pain, lining will help to cope with them.
- Crema.The first feedings can cause nipple cracks, therefore, after each feeding, the nipples need to be rinsed with water and smeared with a special or baby cream. The cream should not have a smell.
- Pads for the chest. The first months of the mother usually have a lot of milk, and the baby is not able to drink everything, so it leaks, and the clothes become wet from the milk, which causes great inconvenience, so the pads will be very useful, especially if you are away from home.

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What to buy for the birth of a baby

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What to buy for the birth of a baby

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