How to bake Camembert

What you need to cook "Camembert" in homemade cheese making

Cheese "Camembert" is much easier to prepare than solid varieties, where long-term processing of grain, a long process of oxidation and pressing under pressure from the remaining whey are needed. The necessary ingredients for this variety of soft cheeses are the milk itself, mesophilic starter, calcium chloride, rennet and salt.

Equipment - a special form, a container for heating the milk (pan or cheese factory), a thermometer, two types of containers (for holding food plastic with a lid and for drying). And, of course, two mold cultures - Penisillium candidum and Geotrichum candidum.

But do not literally rush into the thick of the cooking process, without having the necessary theoretical knowledge for this! Hurry will not lead to anything good! A beginner’s cheese-maker should learn the history of this variety of cheese and the principle of the ingredients, the small nuances of the whole process, which, of course, differs from industrial conditions,where a person is helped by professional-designed machines.

But at home, relatively small amounts of cooking have their advantages. For example, for aging and drying cheese you can use a simple and cheap tray for the “needs” of domestic animals, of course, not used. But a properly made home “Camembert” will never disappoint you!

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Baked Camembert with Garlic & Rosemary | Jamie Oliver
What you need to cook Camembert in homemade cheese making

How To Bake Camembert
What you need to cook Camembert in homemade cheese making

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