Covering Roses for Winter

When and how to cover roses in autumn before winter

Almost all roses do not tolerate air temperatures below 10 degrees. Therefore, in the autumn they need to carefully cover. Roses cover with the onset of stable frosts, when the air temperature drops to -6 degrees and the top layer of soil freezes to a few centimeters. Usually, this happens in late October - early November. Only park roses can do without shelter for the winter.

How to cover roses

For this purpose, a special frame is made of wire or wooden scraps up to 60 cm high. Then it is placed over cut rose bushes and covered with roofing paper or cardboard. Top must be covered with plastic wrap. Bottom film sprinkled with earth. On warm days, you can slightly open the film to prevent flowers from overheating. On wet soils, such a shelter can lead to the death of plants, so in this case, the roses just cover with spruce leaves and fill a thick layer of insulation material.Instead of the frame, you can use the usual arc of wire. As a result, you get a warmed greenhouse.Climbing roses bend to the ground - this is done in advance, as long as they retain flexibility. Under them lay a layer of spruce branches or other materials. Then sprinkle the ground from the sides and cover again. Lapnik keeps snow and protects it from compaction. From above use any nonwoven fabric.

Shrub roses will be enough to wrap burlap or matting in several layers.

Floribunda roses are most resistant to frost. Adult bushes can not cover at all. A younger place in cardboard boxes without a bottom and sprinkle inside the old bark or wood chips.

All protective materials are removed in the spring gradually as the soil warms up. At first it is enough just to slightly open the film coating, and already with the establishment of positive temperatures finally open the roses.

Video: Protecting Roses for the Winter

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When and how to cover roses in autumn before winter

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When and how to cover roses in autumn before winter

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